1. Panther28

    Passive Income Life - Insiders Guide!

    If you want to know the real passive income guru guide watch this! So true! lol
  2. sageshark

    Funny Technology Jokes - Just Smile BHW Friends!

    Found these while surfing today - :D :D :D
  3. Y

    Asked ChatGPT to write a dad joke about BHW

    meh, not bad
  4. Elvlin

    How to lighten your stress lol

    from @noellarkin thread i tested resolute ai cause of curiousity . the result : honestly i am surprised they code it to say it will send money.
  5. vilaus

    Diamond Damien Banned? How?

    I mean to be honest Almost Anytime i visit BHW, I see a thread of someone that got Banned I wouldnt be Surprised if Somehow Diamond Damien Got Banned(Just kidding Mods), Because BHW Mods are doing a great Job but it lowkey feels like you're Competing with Facebook Ban Bots. PS: Mods dont Ban...
  6. SonOfBhw

    What's your favourite joke or meme?

    Reading all those heated crypto threads was fun but not anymore. But what about some of your favorite jokes or memes. Would be fun to read on Friday. Hi @TheVigilante
  7. Castamir

    The Biggest BHW Joke About SEO SPAM

    SEO sperm is something totally different. It's when a SEO guru (with certificate) inseminate your wife, thus resulting in a Jr. SEO guru-child. It's a long-term investment, but definitely worth it in the long run as you don't have to invest in various SEO packages. By @yazukaeme
  8. E


    What is oyur favourite joke?
  9. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Remember to be grateful to to the Postmen or delivery guys.

    Make sure you tip them with money (99% of the times) or...
  10. Degen

    1 joke and 6 hours later.. hmm

    Was a good day today. Made 1 joke on reddit and like that I gained 10k upvotes(organic) + 3 silver awards. (still going 100 votes per minute). Meme account is ready :)
  11. AverageJackass

    A wise thought indeed.

    A foolish man complains of his torn pocket while a wise man uses it to scratch his balls.
  12. blogzandstuff

    Google loophole revealed, easy way to get your site's link to show as number one

    Follow these steps... Go to Google and type in your keyword Hover over the number one site link and righ click inspect element, you'll see the link in the frame either on the right or below, which ever way you have it set up Edit the html link to your site's link ( right click inside of the...
  13. D

    Report for sexist joke

    So... I was playing a game online. I said something to the team and one person misinterpreted. So, I clarified to this guy what I meant and he still complains. Then I said, "Ok... but what is important is that you understood what I meant now". But no, he just kept arguing and complaining...
  14. axcer

    Godaddy webhost support is a Joke

    I'm just being more and more frustrated with Godaddy. Few days ago they were not co-operating with solving the server issue that my client had (He is a high paying customer). And now this. I contacted support for one of the wordpress issue - Couldn't upload media files through Dashboard >...
  15. letmesleep

    Jobs Offers For Girl & Boys ;)

    Job offer for girls Age : Between 20 and 28 Experience : Not needed Appearance: Decent Work time : 5 hours per day Salary : $3200 per month Job offer for boys Age : 25 to 30 Experience : 20 years, Work time : 19 hours per day, Should be able to speak with animals, Have had participated in the...
  16. gman777

    Is this method working these days?

    I think this post collides with x is dead, but I want to talk from my POV. Maybe it will make a difference. I've seen it in a couple of threads. Your stats are from 2015. They must be outdated these days. They definitely don't work. Truth to be told, it doesn't work that way. It's not about...
  17. arpitsoni

    Clash Of Clan Fan???

    Tell me what type of crazy thing you do while playing. I play when I poop and it feels like Heaven :D
  18. Noah Hawryshko

    (GET) The Black Hat World Comedy Collection

    So for the month or so I've been on this site, I've kept a separate text file beside my IM notes where I copy-pasted any thread that made me kill myself laughing. I thought I'd share them with the community today. Enjoy! Disclaimer: Don't expect to laugh as hard as I did! I laugh easily...
  19. Noah Hawryshko

    I See What You Did There, Black Hat World...

    Step 1: Go to Step 2: Wait for the re-direct. Step 3: Laugh.
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