john carlton

  1. noellarkin

    Thoughts on old school marketers?

    A lot of courses are shared on this forum quite regularly. I'm sure the majority of them are amazing, but tbh I don't often get the time to check most of them out. I have, however, taken a lot of time to get into the information provided by people like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert and John Carlton...
  2. market88

    My Journey with "KICK-ASS Copywriting Secrets Of A Marketing Rebel" by John Carlt

    Hi BHW, I received my copy of John Carlton's "KICK-ASS Copywriting Secrets Of A Marketing Rebel" course and thought I would start a Journey discussion with it. I am choosing not to attach any financial number goal (publicly, although I have one in mind) since I don't really know what the...
  3. market88

    Finally received my copy of this bad boy, and I can feel the marketing powers flowing through me...

    I've gone through a few marketing, particularly copywriting courses and I have to say, with "KICK-ASS Copywriting Secrets Of A Marketing Rebel" has my juices flowing. I may have to make a journey thread about it. Some of my other courses mention that in order to learn, you should physically...
  4. I

    I need John Carlton books or course for free download

    Talk to people I'm looking crazy about John Carlton books or courses on Copywight preferably free for download. The ones I saw here in the forum are with inactive links. Only this book is going to help me a lot: Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel So whoever can help will be very...
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