job leads

  1. komo22

    Is something like this available?

    I remember one of the higher ranking members talking about a company who will pay you a large sum for professional job recruitment leads. The website gave you a number where you advertise it for the prospects to call in. If that prospect of yours gets the job and stays for a period of time you...
  2. Richmann

    Looking for Job Offers

    Hey Everyone , I am looking for Job Offers . Which network can give me Job offers? Please response if anyone can help me Thanks
  3. F

    My brilliant idea for finding potential web design clients. What do you think?

    I have this idea to find potential web design clients: I want to find business owners who own low quality websites created by web building tools. I believe, those are businesses which can effort to get a nice website, but they do not have anybody to create it for them, so they quickly used some...
  4. R

    Looking for some extra 10 $ 's? Freebies needed

    I'm looking for some good freebies , i need referrals for my website plus i will pay 10$ for offer completion . You will need to sign up and complete a free offer like credit score report . Credit Report dot com is a free site that requires to fill details about your CC to receive free...
  5. Alexis028

    Best Quality Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmx, Twitter, CL @ reasonable price

    Best Quality Hotmail , Yahoo , AOL , Gmx, Twitter, CL @ reasonable price Prices are as follow: (Prices can vary later on - updated prices will be posted later on same thread) Prices for HOTMAIL Accounts: (Minimum order limit; 1000 Accounts) 1000 NON-VERIFIED Hotmail = $6 1000 VERIFIED Hotmail...
  6. D

    have job leads looking for a partner

    Hi, I have fresh job leads. Im looking partner that can earn the most money from that. Please pm me details. Thanks
  7. yuvraj

    JV- Job Leads

    I have 30k old leads and can get 1-2k new leads daily .. Also i have all cpa accounts and other things that needed .. Only need a experience and trust-able guy who make bank with job leads ..If some 1 interested then PM me ..No noobs .. :cool:
  8. Abercrombie

    Once the best blackhat "Employment-CPA" site around, now justs sits around.

    Basically I have a website that I developed hugely back when the whole "employment opportunity"/CPA thing was a big hit on Craigslist (and BHW). The lengths that I went to to make this company "legit" is pretty insane because I thought at the time that someday I would develop it more and make...
  9. juice

    I have 1500+ CL Job leads

    I am looking to JV with someone to monetize these 1500+ CL job leads. Ready to start immediately. Please PM me.
  10. arain

    I have Over 2K leads what to do

    I have a list of over 2K UK based people list who are interested in opportunities to work from home The list contains 1. Name 2. Email ID 3. Phone.........few have cell phone and few land line and few both I can have there home address as well If I need.........The leads are fresh and...
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