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  1. 202GreatDays

    JARVEE - Statistics Dashboard CHART Does Not Work

    Hello, I have been running Jarvee on Windows 10 for 30 days straight - and for a month earlier this year. During this time, the statistics dashboard chart has never displayed the POSTING or TOOLS charts. I have followed all the directions provided by Jarvee but nothing ever gets displayed...
  2. Iron Sheik

    The Answer To the Jarvee, Automation, and Proxy Mystery?

    Maybe this is not even a mystery to most of you. Perhaps the veteran on here have figured this out months ago. But, I wanted to go ahead and just start a new thread here and create some conversation about this. I have spoken with many different Black Hat users about Jarvee issues and the proxies...
  3. W

    Should i use a VPS or run automation(Jarvee) locally?

    With Instagrams recent blocks on a lot of datacenter proxies i have decided i wanna keep 1 account on a "high-quality" residentail or 4G proxy. I searched online for the types and all i could find were proxies that cost over 100 USD monthly. Should i just buy a cheap laptop(or smartphone if...
  4. R

    Very Quick Question

    Hi everyone, I am currently on a new venture, I'm creating an IG account that will help music artists find producers and I will be monetizing off of artist promotions and creating a spotify playlist where I can convert followers to listeners and have people pay me to get on that playlist. Pretty...
  5. J

    Jarvee not letting me do after action dm on people

    Hey guys, Ive been reading around this forum for a good bit now, and decided today I needed to make account to help with a problem. I am trying to follow people and after I follow them send them a dm. I am using Jarvee for this but for some reason it does not seem to be working. All of my...
  6. Sushant Pawar

    Jarvee on Shared hosting??

    Can I use Jarvee on Shared hosting? I'm planning to buy Jarvee, I have only 3 Instagram accounts. Anyone have experience with shared hosting?
  7. Zevida'sjewelry

    How to post in 150 ins accounts safely?

    Hi, I am running 150 ins accounts by jarvee now, but my accounts dont have any post right now. I wanna know is that safe if I use jarvee to post same photos in 150 ins accounts? Or should I post them in browser or mobile phone one by one? Its will cost huge time. Also I wanna know how many DM...
  8. W

    Jarvee is not stop following people at a certain point error

    Jarvee is not stop following people after 110 follows jarvee stopped following. yesterday it was 17 86 it stopped following, but yet kept unfollowing. there was no blocks from instagram or anything. Have this happend to anyone else?
  9. W

    What is the safe settings for like ammount on automation?

    Ive tried 5-10 with 40-50 seconds break tim, and about 500 likes in total. But yet my actions get blocked around 60-70 likes.
  10. W

    Jarvee wont let me add accounts to follow.

    I am trying to enter accounts for "follow user who have interacted with targeted account, but everytime i press add, i do not see the account added to the list?
  11. S

    Jarvee Issue/Error

    Any Jarvee experts here? I just wanted to know how to handle this kind of error in my Facebook scheduled posts -> "could not get permalink or group admin validation required" Jarvee said it was successfully posted when it actually was not and I directed it to my FB page to post NOT in group so...
  12. F

    Jarvee Phone Grabber?

    Hi, i'm just wondering is there a way; can i scrape contact number of store accounts by using Jarvee?
  13. N

    Jarvee multiple comments

    Hi guys, How and where do I set up multiple comments in Jarvee? As a dumb and simple example I want to have let's say - 1st comment "Nice shot", 2nd comment "Awesome", 3rd "Like it!", 4th "Wow!" and so on so Jarvee can can randomly post one of these each time so Instagram doesn't flag me for...
  14. ThatBritishGuy

    Child account services??

    I am looking into seeing who else on this forum is offering this service outside of proxified. Would like to get an idea of pricing and what typical objectives are. Also would like to know your experience within the platform and the method itself. I am aware proxified is doing this and also has...
  15. bitif

    jarvee email confirmation loop solution ?

    hi mates hope u r all having a good day im testing jarvee with instagram (i switched from FL to jarvee) my setup is this 10 pva aged accounts (16months old) semi dedicated proxie for each account my settings are : follows 25-50/day and increase by 30everyday till 600 and like first post of...
  16. Iron Sheik

    Jarvee Issue: Published Posts Don't Appear

    Hey Jarvee and Instagram users, I have been experiencing issues with Jarvee's campaign posts for one of my accounts--when I publish the posts, they do not appear on my Instagram account. One of my accounts successfully published 3 posts from Jarvee, but the others posts I tried to publish...
  17. Jugaddu

    Jarvee with IPV6

    Hi, Can someone let me know if jarvee supports IPV6 proxies and help me out understand the following mail received from jarvee. " Jarvee works with Ipv4 proxies, it can work with Ipv6 proxies as well, as long as Jarvee can connect to them using Ipv4. Because proxies can communicate to the...
  18. O

    Carousel/"Multi-Posts".. Jarvee Reads as Photo or Video?

    Trying to optimize settings for reposts on Jarvee, however have ran into some trouble trying to repost carousel posts as I cant tell whether Jarvee reads it as a video or photo (I want to only repost videos so..). Any insight?
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