1. bottomg

    [ Tax Hack ] - 3 Legit Ways to Cut Your Tax Bill

    Listen up BottomG peeps, let's talk 'bout how we can legally reduce the tax man's cut, cuz we all know more money in our pockets means more bling to flaunt! Now, let me make it clear, I ain't talkin' 'bout cheatin' the system, that's a big no-no, I'm talkin' 'bout legal, legit, and easy ways to...
  2. lmarton

    How to find a company's Tax Id?

    Does anybody know how can I find an usa company's tax id (TIN)? I know the company name and the company registration number.
  3. InnovativeSEO

    IRS website hack for coronavirus stimulus checks: All caps

    Having trouble with the IRS site? Try all caps. Yes, really Getting a “payment status not available” error when you’re trying to learn the status of your IRS coronavirus stimulus check? Try this one weird trick that really works: Enter your street address in all caps. Yes, really. The IRS...
  4. P

    Can I lie about my personal information on a marketplace I sell on?

    Can I lie about my personal information on a marketplace I sell on? Hi so I was banned on a site called redbubble about 2 years ago. So I signed up again on a different IP address. All they want when you sign up is your address, first and last name, country, and PayPal email. I used a fake name...
  5. the-echo

    This expearience might help someone

    Hi guys, Hope you all are doing well and getting ready to prosper even more in 2019. I came across this video of a popular marketer's experience with the tax agency so I taught it might help someone. THIS MISTAKE COST HIM MILLIONS.
  6. Aulig

    4channers reporting camwhores to the IRS

    So 4channers are going around and anonymously reporting camwhores to the IRS for suspected tax fraud lol. Most of these are simply young women too lazy to do real work and of course they dont go through the legal stuff to make their self-employment legal. I guess let this be your reminder to...
  7. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Even the taxman lurks on r/DarkNetMarkets.

    IRS Cybercrime Agent Lurks Dark Web Subreddit Looking For Hackers Source:
  8. Tbrook01

    Question About Money Transfers

    If a friend of mine starts sending me money via Western Union (between $500-1000 a week), are those transactions going to be reported for tax purposes? Just curious if I need to be concerned about a paper trail catching up with us, or if 1000 a week isn’t really enough to turn heads. Will our...
  9. Jimmy L

    Damn Taxes!

    What's up guys! I'm new to BHW and would really like to meet new people and help out as much as possible. I have a couple of questions to those of you who knows self employment taxes. I doing online marketing full time and always did my own taxes and made a decent amount of money when I had a...
  10. Q

    File an Extension?

    Hey guys, I been grinding hard everyday but still have my 9-5! Anyways, I'm probably stupid for waiting the last minute to do my taxes. I'm a sole proprietor with my 9-5 job income and my wife's income. Here is my question: Can I file an extension with just my business income and wait till I...
  11. bartosimpsonio

    Coinbase vs. US Government Our customers may be aware that the U.S. government filed a civil petition yesterday in federal court seeking disclosure of all Coinbase U.S. customers' records over a three year period. The government has not alleged any...
  12. J

    PayPal asking for Tax ID Information.

    PayPal just recently started asking for my SSN/ Tax ID. I have sold quite a bit in the past years, but I don't think it has came close to the $20,000 threshold. Should I put my info in there or just wait to see if my account becomes limited? I recently got an EIN number from the IRS, I can...
  13. Q

    Newbie On BHW Advice

    What's up guys! I'm new to BHW but been around the internet marketing world. I did some offline marketing for some local clients and had jobs here and there. My expertise is online IMO. So, I have a 9-5 and I NEED to quit but was hoping for some advice. I don't mine sharing what I make at my...
  14. A

    Legal Help?

    I want to build my online making money buisness, have the ideas, have everything tuned to the finest exept of the legal part What Im saying its that I live in the East coast of the US, and Im gonna sell some SMS like Twitter, Insta, YT, and FB related boosting services. Im just asking if this is...
  15. S

    Paypal tax reporting policy - Europe Union

    Hello. I am using PayPal to receive money. I know Paypal sends data to US IRS when you exceed $20,000 of income and 200 incoming transactions. But what are the limits in Europe Union? Does anyone know? I have less than 200 incoming transactions (>50) and $18,800 income right now.​
  16. R

    Drop Shipping Business Advice Needed

    My Business Concept/Attempt Been lurking for some time. Finally got the balls to make an account because I feel the BHF has the experience to help me at my first shot at entrepreneurship. Okay Guys, Lately Myself and group of friends have decided to make a e-commerce dropshiping...
  17. P

    A possible Tax haven - Anonymous Online banking and eCurrency - Very Possible!

    I've often receive many questions in regards to how it is possible for any eCurrency service to provide anonymous online e-currency accounts and what are the financial or legal risks involved. Also, are these eCurrency providers a reasonable "Tax Haven". These are definitely valid and legitimate...
  18. R

    Is Internet Marketing Required by Law to be Registered as Business?

    Hello all, I'd like to know if you're earning somewhere between 100-400usd, 500-1500usd, 2000-xxxxusd, or more, will you have to register what you're doing (internet marketing?) as a home-based business? By your country/state, by law, would you have to let IRS or someone know you're making an...
  19. oldenstylehats

    Tax Day Complaint Thread

    Alright, for anyone in the US it's that time of the year that everyone hates where your taxes must be paid. I know for a lot of you, it isn't that hard or time consuming, but for those of us who have to deal with the mess of Schedule C's and the like, this thread is for you to vent. I'll...
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