1. iovulkay

    IRC Channels

    Well, I've done some search for active SEO IRC channels, found BlackHatWorld channel but wasn't able to connect. I'm looking for active channels with helpful users. Can someone recomend me some good ones?
  2. B

    Text/Image that cause browser lag

    We are looking to cause massive client/browser lag by spammer a certain type of text on Discord IRC...Zalgo text works for the client, we need something spammable that will cause massive lag on a browser.
  3. dreadpixel

    Create an IRC Bot with NodeJS

    IRC was the best 10 years ago, now other softwares have eclipsed, but many savvy people keep using it for proper communication with special individuals. So, if you never heard or configured eggdrops, this is something similar. So first you will need to install NodeJS, and I will consider that...
  4. NobelNerd

    BlackHatWorld's Official IRC Network not Working

    is it just me or BlackHatWorld's Official IRC Network not working anymore?
  5. H

    BHW chat/irc etiquette - ?

    Hey - What is the etiquette for BHW irc , it seems awfully silent.. Any suggestions on how/where I can begin a chat with other users and discuss an idea I have .. ?
  6. S

    Relaible shell / IRC BNC ZNC provider

    I am looking for a shell service which allow ZNC with custom vhosts and also private / anonymous.
  7. K

    mIRC / HydraIRC channel for black hat world forum?

    I was wondering if there is some mIRC/HydraIRC channel where a lot of SEOlers/web developers are around where some chatting, discussions and quick questions are dealt with.
  8. U

    BlackHat IRC

    If anyone is interested, I just started an IRC channel. I've noticed that many of you guys are gathered in small Skype chats, so let's start a big meeting, why not? INFO: #blackhat at irc rizon net
  9. Z

    IRC Chat

    Does anyone know of a good one?
  10. necro

    Hey, Hostgator-Staff remember the IRC-Chat we had :D

    Hallo Hostgator say hi to the users you ban :D [21:08] <Works@Hostgator> per month [21:09] <Works@Hostgator> And the server can do anything... [21:09] <me> you offer automated installation? [21:09] <Works@Hostgator> installing what? [21:09] <me> plesk, cpanel [21:09] <Works@Hostgator> I would...
  11. D

    Question about the irc chat

    Can i access this from a mobile client such as Jmirc? When i try to connect it gives me invalid url parameter.
  12. N

    IRC Anyone?

    Does anyone here get on IRC, what network & is there a channel similar to this forum? Thx
  13. H


    Well here we are i decided to give this a try for those IRC users. #blackhatworld See you all there if your not already. For an IRC Client i recommend mIRC ( )
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