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Oct 29, 2005
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Well here we are i decided to give this a try for those IRC users. #blackhatworld

See you all there if your not already.

For an IRC Client i recommend mIRC ( )
Come on we are getting very lonely :)
Might change this private after a while so first come first served :D
im coming!!
wont let me connect, dont know why :/
Never used IRC before, how the hell do I get in :D :confused:
usually on the main screen type /server

Itll do a few things then type /join #blackhatworld
I am in..but nobody is in..!
Will try later....
Never thought I would be saying this to a guy, but am I in yet :D
You guys can be brutal..:(
No wonder you drive women out of this forum!
awww were not that bad :D rooms growing im off to bed cya all there at some point
trying to figure out how the hell to get in there , not having any luck . I'll figure it out one of these years
Hi HaRRo, I don't know how to join in, could you list down the detail here.

IRC Instructions :- (off top of head)

Download and install mIRC from the link HaRRo gave in the first post.

Open mIRC and it will ask you to set a username. Press ok.

Go to File > Select Server.

In the left hand box you'll see "[+] Connect". Click the [+] and select Servers.

In the right hand box you'll see a list of servers. Scroll down and click on Freenode. Click the Select button (not the Okay button).

Press Okay.

Go to main menu Commands > Join Channel. Enter #blackhatworld. Click ok.

Go to File > Connect.

Last night I installed it for first time and cant remember exactly how its done but this should get you on your way.Once youve selected your Server as Freenode you can try to Connect, and then do Commands > Join Channel.
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