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Hey, Hostgator-Staff remember the IRC-Chat we had :D

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by necro, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. necro

    necro Regular Member

    Dec 23, 2010
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    Hallo Hostgator say hi to the users you ban :D

    [21:08] <Works@Hostgator> per month
    [21:09] <Works@Hostgator> And the server can do anything...
    [21:09] <me> you offer automated installation?
    [21:09] <Works@Hostgator> installing what?
    [21:09] <me> plesk, cpanel
    [21:09] <Works@Hostgator> I would run it as root, 20 as root is dangerous.
    [21:09] <Works@Hostgator> I would not have cpanel or plesk.
    [21:10] <Works@Hostgator> That would cost money and I really don't want a cPanel server.
    [21:10] <Works@Hostgator> It would run Debian stable. There are webmin etc options there.
    [21:11] <me> ;( saddly not what i need
    [21:11] <tokigt> this is strage Works@Hostgator .....
    [21:11] <tokigt> the command " mail mrqueue
    [21:11] <me> i already have a hoster which give us option to run automated plesk install
    [21:12] <Works@Hostgator> me: I work at HostGator, I know what you have.
    [21:14] <Works@Hostgator> me: I'm not trying to start a business, I'm offering to help friends out with an affordable bad ass server.
    [21:16] <me> Works@Hostgator: i'm not located at HostGator and i kinda need the automated installation, because i'm working in SEO and Webhpsting
    [21:16] <me> *webhosting
    [21:16] <me> But thank you for the offering
    [21:17] <Works@Hostgator> Well that's cool, but everything you're running it childs play to install by hand..
    [21:17] <Works@Hostgator> You download a tarball, extract it, make a database and you're done.
    [21:17] <me> It's, but i prefer to have it automated installed, so i can focus on getting leads and deals done
    [21:19] <Works@Hostgator> how many installs do you do a day?
    [21:19] <Works@Hostgator> Are you auto blogging?
    [21:19] <me> usually 1-2 a month :)
    [21:19] <Works@Hostgator> If that's the case I would personally burn you off the server and piss on the data.
    [21:19] <me> for seo yes, but not with my resources^^
    [21:19] <Works@Hostgator> You autoblog?
    [21:20] <me> thank you Works@Hostgator, i think this conversation is over.
    [21:20] <me> Have a nice day
    [21:20] <Works@Hostgator> later bitch, you're a true piece of shit.
    [21:20] <Works@Hostgator> fuck off
    [21:20] <Works@Hostgator> go away
    [21:20] <Works@Hostgator> find another channel.
    [21:20] <me> I never will
    [21:21] <Works@Hostgator> Anyone here help that fucker I will ignore you and bouce you off my server.
    [21:21] <me> Srsly
    [21:21] <me> are you 15?
    [21:21] <Works@Hostgator> buh-bye bitch, get lost, fuckoff, already
    [21:28] <Works@Hostgator> I suspend 40 a day at work for being a piss of fucking shit.
    [21:28] <Works@Hostgator> All of them are idiots too.
    [21:28] <me> also you kinda make a bad image of your company
    [21:28] <Works@Hostgator> Never can come up with their own idea, or actually do something..
    [21:29] <Works@Hostgator> dumb fuckers want a loop like 'while true; do make money; done'
    [21:31] <Works@Hostgator> Then the idiots have the balls to ticket the account their site sucks.
    [21:31] <Works@Hostgator> It's slow, your server sucks they say...
    [21:31] <Works@Hostgator> Well dip shit, you have 1 million rows and not a dam thing is indexed, go fuck offf.
  2. necro

    necro Regular Member

    Dec 23, 2010
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    Right now he wants channel admin to ban me :D