iphone app

  1. E

    Looking for Beta Users for our iPhone App - I'll pay $5 via Paypal - USA only

    Hi! We have a new iPhone app for one-to-one video chats with like-minded folks. The app isn't published yet, but our Beta has been approved by App Store. We are looking for beta testers. The task is simple: 1. IM me with your email address and I'll send you the download link. 2. Download and...
  2. CrazeWiz

    Suggestions for an affiliate program/product for a site with 60k monthly views.

    I have a site about iphone apps which is getting a lot of traffic but the niche is a little risky. I would not be able to put Adsense on the site for sure! I might get away with Amazon but still don't want to risk losing my account. I have tried the obvious CB products like jailbreaking and...
  3. zoomsixx

    Looking for WSO or ebook on making money with Apps Apple, Android etc..

    I'm trying to find a WSO or maybe ebook on getting apps developed and making money with them. Does anyone happen to have anything they would like to share.
  4. indianaxjones

    I need an APP developer

    I hired one, but he is useless. I need to hire someone who can follow through on a simple APP and deliver. I have an apple Developer account ready to go. I need an Android APP and Iphone APP. 1 APP/2 platforms. I have samples of similiar APPs already created for reference. Need this ASAP...
  5. determined

    My First iPhone App made it to iTunes...

    Before you read this know that I have contacted the mods and Hexalor gave me permission to post this here... I am active duty military and I am trying to become a full-time IM and mobile app developer by the time my enlistment is up. I have been working very hard at this with any spare time...
  6. blackma

    Dad and Son launch an iPhone and a HD Camera into SPACE!

    Thought this was pretty cool and easily something you could do for fun when you are bored! http://mashable.com/2010/10/17/iphone-space-launch-video/
  7. xenoz

    Google App Inventor Simplifies Android Programming

    Thought this might be an interesting read for yall Google App Inventor Simplifies Android Programming http://www.informationweek.com/news/smb/mobile/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=225702880
  8. T

    iPhone 4G - Making Money With New Apps

    Seeing Steve Jobs just unveiled the iPhone 4 i've seen a small handful of sites offering App creation.The one I came across was http://freetheapps.tk saying it is fairly easy to create these apps. My question is has anybody here made good money creating iPhone apps and are these apps easy to...
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