1. madeveloper

    How To Invest Crypto Safely

    I Have 0.15 BNB (50$) And I Would Invest To Earn More , Do You Guys Have Any Ideas
  2. C

    Crypto For Beginners?

    Merry Xmas everyone, Can anybody recommend any trustworthy course, training, or people I can follow in the Crypto industry? Complete newbie to Crypto when it comes to investing money. Thanks
  3. bestspinner

    Story on why you need to invest in BNB

    Once upon a time, I was a young and ambitious investor who was always on the lookout for the next big opportunity. I had heard a lot about cryptocurrency and how it was changing the world of finance, so I decided to take the plunge and invest in a popular coin called Binance Coin (BNB). At...
  4. A

    iim thinking to create a sport bet and casino

    Hello im thinking to create a sport bets for example if somebody needs to bet they need to pay for example 20$ and if that teams win that guy going to get 40$ for example people doesn’t need to put for score just for team who is going to win... is a good idea ? can that earn a lot of money ...
  5. 3

    How to invest money with minimum work time?

    Hey guys. This is for a friend of mine. He is a military guy, he makes a decent amount of money as a teen (19yo), has few free time (2hrs/day) and he is willing to invest some money. With a salary of 400$ month, in a 3rd world country it's a big amount for a guy in his age, what can he invest...
  6. F

    What shall i do

    I currently have 190 euros coming my way. I received this by doing a promo on 1 of my tiktok accounts. My question is how shall i use this 200 euros to make more money. Any suggestion is appreciated i was thinking about hosting a movie streaming site but i dont know how to do that yet
  7. B

    How do invest in ether?

    Totally new to crypto. I already invest in stock. I just want to try something new. I’m more of a buy and hold. Did some reading and read I need coinbase before I can buy? No totally sure. Can someone guide me to buy my first ether? I also read the minimum to invest to ether is $25. So I would...
  8. royalmemer

    What to do with 500$

    I have a budget of 500$ to invest. Can anyone tell me, in what do I invest this money so I can start a Passive Income Business. I have 2 things already in my mind : 1) Dropshipping 2) Buy a monetized YouTube Channel All the experienced businessman here, please shower some light here and guide me :)
  9. treelancer

    Invest in startups

    Do you guys know any good site to invest in start ups? I am looking to invest in startups (Not related to digital marketing stuff or bhw). I am not sure what is the right place to find startups. Looking at various sites, it seems you have to meet certain criteria to invest like prior experience...
  10. DrArchive

    Help to generate $100-150 per month? | Since 2020 trying

    Hi all! I came to ask for advice, help, or whatever you want to call it. I currently have only $10 to invest. And I have access to RDP's with good internet but only 2 cores, 4GB I have been trying for a long time to create or find a way to generate income online (+1 year). Throughout this...
  11. T

    How to take a vaccine without really taking it?

    Hello! As everyone can know there is this thing called "Covid-19". There is also a vaccine for that and actually, you are required to take it if you want to travel or do anything outside your home. The problem is, I am still young and very healthy so I am not going to get sick from Covid. I am...
  12. alsonfrog

    Question to the old-timers of the forum

    If I need an investment or a business partner, who can I contact here on the forum? I'm new, I don't know all the honors. So I apologize if my topic is inappropriate here.
  13. mybank

    investing $200,000 usd on gpu mining

    hey everyone so I made my decision and I wanna put my money on gpu mining. I have access to the cheap electricity, so electricity is not a problem. since the bitcoin price is low (right now), I think that the gpu prices are low too (for now), and this is the best time to buy gpus for mining...
  14. shiboshy

    Dogecoin (DOGE) - Thinking to Invest? Read this first...

    I know some of you guys have different opinions and DOGE definitely can keep going up with Elon Musk and all that shit. But, if you think longer, would you invest in a coin where 28% of all coins are owed by only 1 person? Imagine if/when that gets cashed out and if we see corrections / bull run...
  15. Retus4

    I have 7K in BTC, where can I invest?

    Hello people! First of all you can see in this post my IG journey during 2017-2020: In June 2020 I sold all accounts for USD 1,000 in bitcoin. Thanks to the price increase I now have almost USD 7,000 worth of...
  16. David719

    Where should I invest 5 000€?

    Hello guys! Where should I invest 5k? I want to try some crypto, but it does not have to be. Can you give me some advice? Thank you ! Have a great day :)
  17. RSO

    Mia Khalifa promotes Doge.

    "Dog stocks".
  18. vigyavan

    If you invested $1k ten years ago

    Google: $6,000 Facebook: $9,000 Amazon: $22,000 Netflix: $34,000 Tesla: $159,000 Bitcoin: $237,000,000 Which one would you invest $1,000 in to hold for the next 10 years? :)
  19. Phozed

    Should I invest in Tesla?

    Hi BHW I was wondering if any of you have interesting stories or lessons about the stock exchange. The reason I ask this is that I want to invest some money into Tesla and I'm not sure what to expect. Currently, I work at an approved tesla body shop and I am responsible for the cars once they...
  20. K

    How to invest 2000 $

    So i live in the Balkans and working two jobs i saved 2000 $, i am thinking of opening and ecom story , probably dropshipping from an USA supplier. finished the Beast of Ecommerce course , and it gave me a lot of insight. You think it is a good idea ecommerce in general and dropshipping from the...
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