invest idea

  1. mohdqasim

    How to invest $10K

    Me and a friend of mine have collected $10K and we would like to invest this amount in a real long term business located in the UK that could generate monthly profit for living, we are not looking for a passive income at the beginning but we want a business that could be scaled up by time, my...
  2. MasterAT

    Best way you would invest $5k right now ?

    I am anxious to know how would people invest $5000 if you had to do it today itself ? Nothing illegal please ! Only unique/smart/rare ideas if you have any
  3. mdjaforullah

    Have 100$ to invest 4/5$ day Earning possible?

    SO i already said i have 100$ to invest.4/5$ day earning would be enough for me.can anyone please gimme any suggestion where/which method can i invest ?TIA..