invest idea

  1. mrBH000

    Crypto Investment Recommendation

    Hello Can you recommend any money making method related to crypto? Want to give a try so wanna invest a few bucks. Any thought on copiumprotocol project?
  2. Caramelman7

    Binary Options Trading on

    What are you thoughts about binary trading ? A popular or the most used site for binary options is I dont know whether more sites exist,I hope it's not IQ Option I can say it mighe be true that these sites are not here to make us rich but to steal our money smartly, but I...
  3. royalmemer

    What to do with 500$

    I have a budget of 500$ to invest. Can anyone tell me, in what do I invest this money so I can start a Passive Income Business. I have 2 things already in my mind : 1) Dropshipping 2) Buy a monetized YouTube Channel All the experienced businessman here, please shower some light here and guide me :)
  4. Poorboy

    Proper Use of $300

    I am not a wealthy person. I have a site from where I earn about $80 a month. Lots of my keywords stuck at page 2 of google. I have not created any backlink for my site, all are natural. I hardly managed to save $300. I want to use it for the benefits of the site. Should I buy six $50 worth...
  5. D

    What would you do if you had 30K usd to invest ?

    i need some ideas what would you try to invest, like a bussiness , online bussiness or what else?
  6. onestro

    Investment Opportunity Ideas For a Couple

    Hello folks, I am here today to request ideas for investment. I and my girl is out of money in the pocket, so we think we should go for any kind of passive income or anything like that. As we don't have that planty of funds to put on it, the amount is about 400-500$. We are looking for cross-bid...
  7. mohdqasim

    How to invest $10K

    Me and a friend of mine have collected $10K and we would like to invest this amount in a real long term business located in the UK that could generate monthly profit for living, we are not looking for a passive income at the beginning but we want a business that could be scaled up by time, my...
  8. MasterAT

    Best way you would invest $5k right now ?

    I am anxious to know how would people invest $5000 if you had to do it today itself ? Nothing illegal please ! Only unique/smart/rare ideas if you have any
  9. mdjaforullah

    Have 100$ to invest 4/5$ day Earning possible?

    SO i already said i have 100$ to invest.4/5$ day earning would be enough for me.can anyone please gimme any suggestion where/which method can i invest ?TIA..
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