introduction thanks

  1. Racleone


    Hello Everyone, I am racleone here And new to blackhatworld And I am a Digital Product Promoter Can I share with blackhatworld?
  2. R

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all the knowledge shared on here & Introduce myself :)

    Hey guys, My name?s Tony and after lurking through the forums for about a month, i've decided to finally make a post and introduce myself. The community have been great so far and I am currently earning a steady amount of $30 per month through Amazon to eBay arbitrage - a method I learnt on...
  3. C

    Hello BH World

    My name is Phill. I like Big Data but I only know how to make money by analyzing it for companies. Maybe here I can learn to apply Big Data, *nix, and pentesting skills to SEO...
  4. G

    Hey Black Hat World!

    Hey guys! I am very new to the world of internet marketing. I actually haven't even tried to start anything yet as I came across this forum via Google today, and glad I did! Haven't even read a lot on this forum, but I'm seeing lots of interesting information here.. Feels like I've been missing...
  5. V

    Hello Friends......

    Hello friends....I am a freelance project manager newly at BHW.I am here to learn Internet Marketing from you all.Hope to stay with you long long & long time......... Thanks!
  6. D


    I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. This forum is an excellent source of information, so thanks for everyone posting. I just couldn't remain on the sidelines any more. I had to join. About me - I'm a skilled software developer. Originally I worked primarily on desktop & enterprise...
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