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Dec 1, 2012
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Hey guys!

I am very new to the world of internet marketing. I actually haven't even tried to start anything yet as I came across this forum via Google today, and glad I did! Haven't even read a lot on this forum, but I'm seeing lots of interesting information here.. Feels like I've been missing out.

I plan to start blogging as I enjoy to write. I'll probably be in the blogging section for a while haha.. Any information at all regarding blogging, start-ups or just anything will be very appreciated.

And thanks for having this website, hopefully I can give back in the future :)
Welcome bro! I too am new. I recommend snooping around here and go through some of the recent methods/techniques just to give you some idea. What I have learned so far that it is ok to fail, and that the results you want will not happen instantly. There are a lot of helpful members here so if you need help, just ask.:D
Not open for further replies.
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