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  1. macrew-tech


    Hello one and all, I hope you are all good! I'm new here and I've joined this platform mainly to gain more knowledge and boost my decision making skills. Thanks... :)
  2. Digitomic

    Digitomic....better cover your EARS!

    Hello everyone, Call me Digitomic, I'm a 4 year old lurker, and day 1 active member. Meaning I've been back and forth on this forum for 4 years, and well I am just now taking it upon myself to actually do something about my situation. I'm currently not in the best of mindsets, and my bank...
  3. El Professor

    Newbe Looking for some clients - how to get

    Hello Guys, Am wandering this site for the past 2-3 weeks now and its really great. I would like to be a Jr VIP and post my article writing service to all, but lacking $$ at the moment. I appreciate if you have any other option for me ?
  4. R


    Hello BHW Members, I'm Rajat Tiwari, I'm a college student but i used to do content writing as a part time job. I hope i will definitely going to learn new things from you guys and I also going to add value to this forum. Regards,
  5. Kemakevin


    Hi! Greetings from Indonesia. Nice to meet you. Just graduate from business college and dont know what to do :weep:. Hoping in this forum, i can find enlightment to make some money and learn from the expert.
  6. ContentWriter

    How Do You Write Your Blog Intro?

    The first sentences are the most powerful lines in a blog. The introduction part is the reader's deciding factor to continue reading or to hit the X button. I usually start my blog with a question, a need. People have thousands of "have-you-ever" questions that need answers. From there, it is...