internet explorer

  1. mancunian

    Hide/Modify/Spoof User Agent sent to Google/YouTube

    I am using Internet Explorer and am restricted to this browser for programming reasons. Does anybody know how I can modify/spoof my User Agent to make it more generic and less unique to my computer so that I can hide my identity more from Google and YouTube please? I still need to tell Google...
  2. N

    Need to hire app developer with web search app

    Need developers to develop a computer app able to search and browse websites you can email me at [email protected] With multiple tabs like Android phones will keep you on team need weekly developers email [email protected] this is to manage my music files FL Studio modeling...
  3. S

    Cookies and Cache are not cleaned properly

    Hey guys, I have a problem with Internet Explorer and cookies/cache (IE 11 on Win 10 and WinServer 2012). FYI: For now I have to use IE and Windows, because my software is only working with these, so no chance of using Firefox or Chrome. The problem: I use proxies for creating accounts...
  4. rafark

    How many Internet Explorer 8 visitors do you get?

    I'm currently developing a theme and I'm dropping support for IE 8 and lower, do you get any significant portion of your visitors from these legacy browsers?
  5. S

    anyway to run two differnt proxies in ie simutaneously?

    ok so ive searches high and low and i cant find a way to run two differnt proxies in internet explorer simuataneously, so i thought if anybody knows the answer to this its definatley going to be people at bhw ;) i know i can run two differnt proxies at the same time using firefox and then use ie...
  6. M1ndfluX

    FF running instead of IE

    Hi All, You know that with many tools stuff runs on the background and they are always using internet explorer for this. Is there a way to have tools doing their job trough firefox, as my firefox is running way faster with loading and stuff as internet explorer? Appreciated
  7. R

    Why I Hate Internet Explorer

    I just updated to Internet Explorer 8, then checked out one of my sites and realised that every affiliate banner link that had target="_blank" didn't work when clicked. The thing is, I always add target="_blank" to affiliate links to open up a new browser window instead of closing my web...
  8. ChanzGrande

    DMR Inside Iframe IE Workaround

    I noticed a lot of people sharing a similar challenge I've experienced when using GodCPA/Cakeslice to crop an offer. Specifically, the best way to blank your referrer is to actually open a DMR to your offer INSIDE the IFRAME spit out by cakeslice/GodCPA. Unfortunately, if you do this the page...
  9. S

    My Blog is FUKCED UP in Internet Explorer - HELP!!

    Man I hope someone can help me here lol One of my blogs looks completely effed up in IE but looks fine in Firefox. Can anyone help me with this? This is driving me crazy. I just worked all week building this and have only been viewing it in FF. I just decided to look at in IE and noticed...
  10. darkmobius

    Google Chrome Review is here, IE8 can burn in hell!

    Hi guys, I've just finished playing around with Chrome and I've written a little review about it. Please feel free to comment! The Web Tech Reviews Maybe its just me but think I will stick to whatever I've been using for now but at least its crash free so far.
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