instagram verification loop

  1. D

    Has anyone ever bought an Instagram Verified Badge?

    Wondering if anyone has ever bought an Instagram Verified Badge? Have heard that some people who got access to FB Media Portal or Instagram and FB employees are verifying Instagram pages for some amount of cash varying from 3k-10k. Has anyone had experience with this?
  2. dilder

    [NEW] Verification Loop - Instagram Account Creation

    I have tried it with my personal PC and VPS but the result is the same regardless of proxy type (dedicated, static, private, public, 4G, etc.) or supplier, I will almost always get this message to ad a phone number to “get back into Instagram” which indicates that I have already been logged in...
  3. bmanfacts

    [JUNE 2020 FIX] “Help Us Confirm You Own This Account” Verification Loop [SOLVED]

    Got caught in this Verification Loop? You're not alone. Many of us were hit in this new wave of Account Lockouts. Instagram, for one reason or another, placed in an account recovery challenge which can leave you locked out of your account indefinitely by placing it in a recovery loop with the...
  4. F


    hello is there any free method to verify insta account i search and search insta ghost all free service are PAID Verification Service good ? i can buy in my country sim for only 1.17$ with 0 engagement and 0$ charge and buy cheapest phone like runing 20 phone for 20 account but if i buy...

    Instagram Verification Loop / proxies/ followliker

    Hey Guys, I'm really struggling to find out how to resolve my problem, hope someone could help. Several days ago lots of my accounts got caught in a verification loop. I'm figuring my proxy provider did something to the proxies in general and caused them to move location. From now on I...