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  1. fxmanaged

    Instagram story scheduler that won't get your a$$ banned

    Anyone know of a good scheduling service out there for IG stories that won't get you in trouble and also allows you to use swipe up links?
  2. Bikesh Kumar

    How can I increase real stories views on Instagram?

    Hey bro please share me your full experience of Instagram stories views tips. how can I increase real Stories views on Instagram?
  3. Izzak

    Instagram Story Comment Bots - Need a recommendation

    Hey everyone, Recently i've been noticing many accounts comment via Instagram Story if i put up a Question.. This is a great lead generation tool that can be used for self promotion & sales. I'm wondering where can i find a Instagram Story Comment Bot to use myself? Any suggestions?
  4. D

    Mass story growth method?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone offers the mass stories views growth method. I have tried lots of other methods and now they are not working, so need someone to help me with that method of they offer this method as a service. Thanks
  5. V

    Instagram growth - rapid growth through any means

    Hello, I’m looking to hire a provider or service for rapid Instagram growth though any means. Please message me directly or leave your S-k-y-p-e. Looking for big orders. Thank you.
  6. P

    Looking for mass story viewer (IG) 5m-10m views daily

    Looking for someone who can provide the mass story views for Instagram!
  7. H

    Boosting Instagram Stories views

    Hi there everyone, hope you doing well:)! I manage some IG accounts and I having some issues with story views in one of them. The account is nearly at 150k followers but is unable to get a good amount of story views. Is barely unable to get 2k views and I guess those numbers are too low for...
  8. tripz20

    Story Viewing- European Models\Accounts

    I have noticed a HUGE influx of European story views from HUGE accounts 60k-1M follower accounts. it seems to be the new big thing. I know story viewing has been available in bots for quite awhile but I have noticed these large accounts have been "viewing" my story a lot recently and even had a...
  9. News Feed

    Instagram Story Ad - No Sound In Preview

    Hello, I am previewing my Instagram Story Ad in the Facebook Ads manager and there is no sound. However when I downloaded the clip there was sound, and there is also sound when I preview in Ads Manager with Facebook Stories. Do you think the Instagram Story Ad will run with sound , even though...
  10. $pectro

    Stories on Jarvee HELP

    Someone can link me a tutorial or help me with the story tool on Jarvee? I would like to start making shoutouts on accounts I am automating on Jarvee, but I don't know how to set up them properly, could you help me ? Accounts under 10k, I only want to post a picture and put "Follow...
  11. K

    Ranking your stories on hashtag-stories

    Would love to make this thread a datapool for likeminded folks, that contains knowledge beyond the common stuff out there. So feel free to add to my findings. IG stories are bringing more traffic than feed posts on some of my accounts and regarding recent info by Zuckerberg/Sandberg stories are...
  12. Pawllie

    Let's help together! Only valuable advices! :)

    Hi! I have an idea how to help many members there on BHW. No one wants to share 100% of their techniques. But everyone can advise at least one tip that uses/ helps him! Let's help everyone by writing - one technique, an idea, one trick - that helps you increase the likes, followers...
  13. Pawllie

    Is that a time for something new? Ruined IG?

    Hi guys, As the first please understand me, that my "story" is about smaller numbers of followers etc. than many users have there. I'm doing IG page in Czech language for a smaller comunity (10 mil people) In the summer 2016 I've started with some Ig pages - manually follow about 300 people...
  14. M

    Question : How to automate IG Story posts?

    Hey I wanted to ask this question as I feel this is of real benefit for you anyone using multiple IG accounts, to help squeeze extra traffic. Is there a way to automate IG story posts WITH a swipe up link? I heard its possible somehow with massplanner, but I'm not sure if thats accurate. I can...