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  1. U

    Growing my food niche instagram page

    So I opened few weeks ago instagram page where I post some viral food porn videos. I post desserts,burgers and any kind of good looking food videos/pictures. I currently sit on 1.3k followers and I don’t seem to grow much per day even tho a lot of my recent posts got a lot of impressions and I...
  2. M

    Instagram Fashion Women Niche

    Country of followers (majority): EUROPE (ITALY if possible) or the USA Amount of fans/followers: start from 50k to 100k Topic/Niche: FASHION WOMEN Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic Email: Original EMAIL Required Description: I need this page for...
  3. M

    I'm looking for an Instagram page to buy

    Hello, I'm interested to buy a page with this info : **Niche**: Animals **Followers**: Minimum 10k **o.g. Email**: Required Yes **Audience**: USA - UK - Europe If someone has the handle, send me a DM Thank you in advance
  4. C

    Serious question:

    I have recently created a page on Instagram. It’s only got about 20 followers. I have two posts on there with similar hashtags.. one post has generated over 800 likes and the other is growing and over 350 now. The largest majority of my impressions are telling me they are coming from...
  5. Mohamed ragab

    Your Instagram theme page = profit

    Hi, Insta owners :anyway:. Here is the deal. Your instagram page with over 10K followers + my merch design for you page = 60% for you - 40% for me. Here's some notes : - Any page is accepted except babe pages. - We will work with Teespring ( They are the best ). - You will get paid through...
  6. Patreon

    Journey to 1000 Instagram Accounts

    Hey, I am 17 years old guy from Asia. I saw many posts related to IG Journey and i got really inspired to start my own. I have many questions in my mind and i hope amazing people from BHW will help me accomplish my goal. My questions are : 1. If i buy cheap phones from China, like $20 each, do...
  7. lebumcrimp

    What to do with adult IG page?

    Hi there so a while ago i bought a page in adult niche and grew it to have a big following. I was going to change niche but since the update showing previous names I don't think I'll really be able to use it for that now. Is there a good white hat way of monetizing it which won't risk getting...
  8. wacrofo

    These 3 Pages Gets 3000+ Followers/day !! How ?

    So today I found some pages : Page 1 : @ newyork_streetstyles Socialblade stats : Page 2 : @ streetstyle__daily Socialblade stats : Page 3 : @ best__streetstyles Socialblade stats : My question is pretty simple and straightforward : HOW THE F*** THEY DO THIS ? keep in mind...
  9. Tenebra23

    Need suggestion [Instagram]

    I got an idea for a new format and already prepared the name for the page, logo and some contents. I already have a 7k followers page (i don't post very often but the audience is quite active) and I would like to "convert" it for this new format. The page targets only girls (for the old format)...