instagram limits

  1. ArthurMorgan

    Is someone still growing authority accounts using automation?

    Hey all, I was wondering if some of you guys are still using automation software to grow authority IG accounts in various niches. I remember 6 years ago or so, people were going crazy about it and I jumped on the bandwagon too. However, I managed to grow only 2 accounts to decent numbers. If...
  2. leadingsmm

    Instagram limits

    I have new accounts (created on 31/1/2019), bought them from accsmarket and every account include 5 posts with a profile photo. What is the best setting for them. Day 1 How many followers ? How many likes? Day 2 How many followers? How many likes? Extra.. And thanks in advance
  3. flopode

    DM limits?

    I know there have been several threads concerning Instagram limits. But somehow I was only able to gather information about liking, commenting and following. Could anyone give me some information about DM limits?
  4. J

    I have built big accounts, now considering automation / bots

    Hello everyone! I've had good success on IG in the past couple years building accounts without ANY bots or apps. I currently have a few pages all 150,000 or larger that I have built from 0, and have 3-5% engagement. I've done it simply by just being consistent, and really knowing the niche I'm...
  5. longdouble

    New Hidden Limits

    I've been mining pretty aggressively during past months till 4:37 PM yesterday San Francisco when IG implemented new limits. Now not only liking, following and commenting is controlled, but everything. Get user info, get tag, view friendships, get user feed is now counted. Before I could easily...
  6. C

    FollowLiker Instagram accounts getting banned; new Instagram limits?

    Hello all! I've been using FollowLiker for over a year, maybe two. Just recently I've been seeing my accounts start dropping off like flys :( I do run pretty aggressive. I run 11 accounts at once. 5 on one proxy and 6 on the other. 6 accounts do LIKES only, at a rate of 1950-2000 per day...
  7. I

    Megabot Question

    Our Instagram has helped build our main source of income; losing it would be the catalyst to my being homeless...:sad: I've been thinking of using the Megabot program to increase the reach of potential followers/customers, but we have a real and serious fear of losing everything if we get...
  8. M

    Instagram Profit Plan?

    I have a few Instagram accounts and want to start a plan to be able to generate as much money as steps. I have six new accounts, all with about ten pix at this time. I have set them up with an emphasis on one niche subject each. i.e. Sports, Fitness, Food, Travel, Pets & Weight...
  9. King9

    Instagram commenting hourly limit?!

    So i am using FL bot for instagram and im unsure of the hourly commenting limit... on instagrams website it says ENDPOINT UNSIGNED CALLS (PER TOKEN) SIGNED CALLS (PER TOKEN) POST /media/media-id/likes 30 / hour 100 / hour POST /media/media-id/comments 15 / hour 60 / hour POST...
  10. King9

    What are the limits on instagram?!

    Hello BHW, just wondering what the limits are on instagram! How many likes/hour how many comments/hour and how many follows and unfollows/hour Thanks!