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    I have a few Instagram accounts and want to start a plan to be able to generate as much money as steps. I have six new accounts, all with about ten pix at this time. I have set them up with an emphasis on one niche subject each. i.e. Sports, Fitness, Food, Travel, Pets & Weight Loss. My goal is to grow them as fast as possible without getting banned so I'll be adding photos daily for a while while using a bot to grow followers and likes.

    Here's my "know Nothing About" issues:

    • How many followers should I have before I attempt to monetize at the lowest level?
    • What to monetize with?
    • What to charge?
    • At what next level would I be able to begin a more advanced model?
    • Do you have any examples, numbers or other help here.
    • Finally at what level of followers is considered the "highest" level. Not Celebrity status but for value in $$.
    • What would be the most profitable way(s) to make serious money?

    I'm picking it up a crumb here and a crumb there but I am now ready to be taken seriously. Anyone who can help will be rewarded with having launched the next genuine Guru. (-: Seriously, if you have answers, I've got questions starting with those above.

    Thanks and Happy 2015 to all!​
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