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  1. V

    Follow function only works after unfolling people

    Hi! I have a big account with over 50k Followers which I have received through following and unfollowing people. I am bot using a bot. I am following around 1.000 people a day manually (around 30 people every 10 mins). This was working really good since 3 years. Sometimes I got blocked because I...
  2. Gameshine

    The Best Instagram Bot/Automation Tool Out Right Now?

    Whats the best bot automation followers grow tool out right now! Post your comments below!
  3. Ghetum

    How can I get a few free Instagram followers ?

    Hi, I'm doing some experiments with my accounts. I've created few new accounts. But I need to get around 50-80 followers only. Does anyone know if I can get those many followers for free instantly ? Fake or real doesn't matter. P.S - I know abut follow/unfollow method but I need those...
  4. S

    New Instagram Engagement Group

    Hi Please send me message if you want to join my new instagram engagement group! We are looking for people with 10K+ followers. Space is limited.
  5. silgro

    What is the difference between buying Instagram followers and getting them for free

    Hello, what is the difference between buying Instagram followers and likes on some websites or from some users, and getting Instagram followers and likes with social exchange websites like, etc.??
  6. M


    Why people dont wont to follow me back? Only 10% people that i follow are following back..My photos and everything other is great i dont know why is that...You can check my account : topmensoutfit
  7. A

    Follow/unfollow didn't work on PC

    hi guys i working on intagram follow /unfollow manually from PC , but i notice when i follow people , instagram didn't inscrease my following . i'm not talking about people that need to accept my invitation , however when i follow from my phone , the following increase chenever i follow...
  8. HXK14

    Instagram Help

    Hello, recently I traded my instagram account for an account which can follow more than the limit (7500). I tried to follow people and it did not let me, the image is of my account, its following 769k and wont let me follow anymore. any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  9. K

    Following and unfollowing

    Hey guys, Right now I'm following around 6.7k people and by the end of the day it should be a little bit over 7k. After that I'm going to start unfollowing. My question is how long do I have to wait before starting to unfollow? Can I start unfollowing tomorrow morning for example or do I have to...
  10. JokerNikx

    [Giveaway] 1k Instagram Followers/Likes For Everyone

    1k Instagram Followers/Likes for Everyone Reply here with there Username or URL Min Requirement :-40+ Post *Don't PM -Nik
  11. K

    Looking for someone to help build real fans on FB page

    Hi I'm really new to this site I've been searching and learning from reading different threads. And I came across a couple of our members saying that they built Facebook fan pages, with over one hundred thousands likes from real followers. I would like to know how I can get that for my FB page...
  12. JokerNikx

    Instagram Panels Resellers Going to Love it - Cheapest Price

    This Member has been banned but if you have bought this service and need to contact him then the email is below. Email : [email protected]
  13. S

    20k REAL instagram followers

    Looking for 20k REAL instagram followers for 2 separate accounts, only want real followers NO BOTS!! Active likes and comments. Preferable to have recent documented success in this feild.
  14. JokerNikx

    Instagram Followers/Likes Designed For Resellers

  15. epPaulZimmer

    Instagram question

    So i followed like 400k people on instagram and then instagram made it so i cant follow anymore people like it doesnt let me i am in the process of unfollowing them all i am already down to only following 200k people and i still cant follow people! If i unfollow all the way down to 0 will i be...
  16. J

    Instagram Bot Discussion - Request / Begging / Ideas / Dreams

    See 2nd post in thread...