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  1. vigyavan

    [Free] Instagram Followers & Likes (Easy Way)

    This is a legit and offering free daily likes, views and followers check out yourself. 15 FREE Followers / 24 hour 100 FREE IG Views / 24 hour 25 FREE IG Likes / 24 hour YOU CAN USE TEMP MAIL INPLACE OF EMAIL
  2. K

    Instagram Bot / PHP Bots

    Hi, are there any instagram bots that currently working ? Php or downloadable don't matter.
  3. micleclark

    Best Time to Follow Someone on Instagram?

    Hi Guys, I would like to ask you a common question, what is the best time to follow someone on instagram? Example for, i would like to follow USA people ( US people are my primary target). And i'm using Jarvee to follow people. It would be good if you tell me the best Time Zone to follow...
  4. Angelo_brotto

    How can I increase easily followers on instagram? (need help)

    Hi guys, I've just learnt how create over 100 accounts on instagram. For now, it seems to work and many of these accounts are still running. Now the question is: how can I increase the followers of these accounts? I'm not searching for 1.000+ followers, I just wanna these accounts to have...
  5. V

    AUTHENTIC engaged Instagram Followers | growth service or one time buy

    Hello, I need REAL AUTHENTIC followers. Any method is fine, as long as it’s real. I’m looking for the biggest order you can provide. Example- 100k? No problem. MESSAGE me your prices. Thanks
  6. summi

    Best Method to increase follower from USA(One Country)?

    Hello, BHW Member, I want to know what is the best method to increase follower from USA(One country). After Profile got 5k followers automatically getting 500 followers a day depending on hashtag (use niche specific hashtag). But issue is Start getting follower from multiple countries slowly...
  7. L

    Instagram follow blocked very often

    Hello, I am running a Python bot for Instagram. I follow 1 user and likes his photo every 10 minutes. However, I am keep getting blocked from following and liking after 6-7 follows, for around 48 hours. I am using Blazing SEO dedicated proxies. Any suggestions on how to avoid these blocks?
  8. samron77


    Hey BHW.! So for this method, you have to find sites that are offering free followers trial. Some will ask username only and some will ask both username and email for verification but we can bypass that using fake temp email Followers will be sent within 10 sec to 30 sec (or mentioned on site)...
  9. rocknrollchef

    Buh Bye OG Boost?

    Their website has been "undergoing schedule maintenance" for a few weeks now; seems likely they've packed it in for good. I didn't spend/lose much money with them so no biggie for me, hopefully nobody here took a bigger budget bite (and got bit).
  10. Entelekta

    Facebook,Instagram,Ebay,Google Reviews Likes Follower need good Partner

    Need good SMM provider or partner Sell successfully in Germany Facebook Page Likes | Post Likes Instagram Followers | Likes Ebay watchers Google Tagered visitors and so on. Need a strong partner with fast delivery and quality service
  11. sarahsaturne

    How can we have an idea of the percent of INSTAGRAM accounts run by bot?

    How can we have an idea of the percent of INSTAGRAM accounts run by bot? The question may seem "strange" on this forum, but the thing is that I am running my INSTAGRAM account "manually" and work a lot on it (amazing content, ads paid, aso.) - 18K in 17 months and I use a bot to help me to grow...
  12. sarahsaturne

    Why cannot I invite anymore my FACEBOOK friends to follow your iNSTAGRAM account?

    Why cannot I invite anymore my FACEBOOK friends to follow your iNSTAGRAM account? 1 - I elaborate : Few weeks ago, it was possible for me to INVITE my Contacts (close to Suggestions INSTAGRAM offers) and also my FACEBOOK friends - the 3 possibilities are on the same line on the top (even if my...
  13. Z

    [FREE] Get Real Likes & Comments Instagram Automatic

    Hey guys, just came across with a new website that is automatic engagement platform that helps you go viral on Instagram and attract more organic followers to your account. You can up to 5 accounts (For FREE) and it contains 12 different niches. This network size is huge! there is like 166K -...
  14. MrFady

    Unfollow all in one click

    Hello blackhatters, Is there any way to unfollow all with an easy way?, I tried to iMacros but it didn't work. Any Help!! ???
  15. Pawllie

    Let's help together! Only valuable advices! :)

    Hi! I have an idea how to help many members there on BHW. No one wants to share 100% of their techniques. But everyone can advise at least one tip that uses/ helps him! Let's help everyone by writing - one technique, an idea, one trick - that helps you increase the likes, followers...
  16. Pawllie

    Is that a time for something new? Ruined IG?

    Hi guys, As the first please understand me, that my "story" is about smaller numbers of followers etc. than many users have there. I'm doing IG page in Czech language for a smaller comunity (10 mil people) In the summer 2016 I've started with some Ig pages - manually follow about 300 people...
  17. J

    Need A 100k Instagram Followers

    Hello my current cost is approximately 0.72/1000 followers. I want to order 100k but all the panels have an issue right now I can barely get even 5000. with the panels. Does anyone know of any panel that is working around this price point? Only paypal
  18. S

    SMM PANEL or individuals selling instagram followers

    Can anyone suggest me working SMM panel for instagram follower servers. If any of you are able to provide around 10-15K HQ followers on each account on instagram but dont have any SMM panel, that would work as well. So please contact me as well if thats the case I would really appreciate it. I...
  19. Peter2810

    Instagram Followers or Comments

    Hi, I'm looking for a provider of Instagram followers and comments. They need to have profile pictures and comments need to be 4+ words. This will be an ongoing arrangement starting at $5 per order. Let's connect if you can offer this.
  20. lengjonh

    [Mathod] Instagram followers

    I have like 1300 followers, maybe 300 of them are real. Is there any way to get targeted real followers without follow liker, If you have some money shoutouts are the way to go. If you get a shoutout from a big page (like 600-700 K) you can easily get 300-500 followers, and sometimes even up to...