instagram auto

  1. Lennard Quince

    Instagram + Jarvee

    Hi, I want to start with automation again by using Jarvee for my Instagram accounts. I want to run max 3-5 accounts. I only wanna do Follow/Unfollow & send DM‘s to my new followers. Now, can someone give me some tips about whether I should use a proxy or not & if so which? Also what are the...
  2. Backbencher

    Which automation tool works for Instagram??

    I am looking for an automation tool which help to grow my Instagram fitness account. Any suggestions?
  3. KJREDDY247@

    Which Social Auto Post Plugin Are You Using?

    Can you guys suggest me with some social auto post plugins out there for my wordpress site? I need that autoposter should compatible with almost all major social platforms ( instagram, twitter, facebook, groups and pages, reddit, linkedin etc) Which one are you guys using currently?
  4. knivking

    Making Money With Instagram?

    So recently I have looked in to Instagram automation. So you basically you grow instagram accounts using softwares to automate the process for example jarvee. Then you sell them when they have alot of followers. (the basics). But im still a bit lost because I havent found a decent STEP by STEP...
  5. W

    instagram auto script based at andriod7.0 mobile

    Doese there have someone can help me to wirth instagram auto script based at andriod7.0 mobile ? my buget is around 100usd. please DM for details. Thanks
  6. Cosmix

    Need help with proxies for Instagram

    Hello, I run a Sass product which is an Instagram bot which most of you are probably pretty familiar with. I am starting to get more users however I have yet to setup and proxies. I have the ability for users to setup their own proxies, but I doubt they are. I don't want my main digitalocean...
  7. F

    Which IG bot can do this?

    I used to use massplanner almlst year ago and same goes for followliker. But I am pretty much opened to any bot atm. I need to be able to follow via geo location, if it could also fitler people who interacted with certain accounts + geo location. Also if it could only follow male/female...