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  1. XtremSurvivor

    Simples Steps to $5000/Month : Info Business based on E-mail Marketing

    Hey, After reading all the great value that other members are giving, I wanted to write a guide about a business model i'm using to give my contribution on this beautiful forum. Introduction The business plan: Build the biggest list possible and generate income with nothing but emails. The...
  2. InnovativeSEO

    Marketing Time: Selling a 6 Figure "Sexiest Offline Career" [Advice]

    Marketing Time: Selling my 6 Figure "Sexiest Offline Career" I will keep it brief as possible, but I have successfully exited the niche career I developed the last 7 years. My experience has led me to new ground and a handfull of high profile clients. You can easily find my post a year ago...
  3. InnovativeSEO

    The Sexiest Offline Marketing Career Might Be Mine

    I have been a member here for a few years now, and I originally joined BHW to network myself among some talented people in hopes of finding some methods to assist me service the various needs my clients have from time to time. I'm sharing this because I have developed my career along the...
  4. R

    Million Dollars A Month

    Hey Guys...I just came across this article and thought of sharing with everyone here. This one has a lot of good information on media buying, generating traffic, etc. It's Tim Ferris interviewing the Creator of Truth About Abs. Enjoy...
  5. InnovativeSEO

    BHW Experts Please Help - How to sell my profitable business/business model

    I have a business (career) that I have worked now for 5+ years. The business model I have developed is impressive as it works well, it's wide open for competition and is in the professional/legal services industry. The business can be classified as any/all of these terms: Home Based...
  6. D


    Hello Everyone, I'm really glad to be identified with such a packed forum. Its my expectation to learn much here as well as contribute my own quota, once again thank you for accepting me. Warm regards, dyinks