1. Erolim

    Hiring Google ads,Hiring Expert SEO, Hiring Influencer Nor Youtuber to promote betting games

    All ads fare will be paided by us and we will give daily salary fixed also or can cut 10% of the recharge amount + salary monthly ( can bargain also how the salary counted) for influencer we willing to pay also post payment + if good response we paid by give more daily salry even if want to...
  2. A

    how india smm panel works ?

    I really wonder how these india services work ? for example u can buy india fake followers from 0.15$ / 1k also most of them have post and profile , and you can buy up to one million or more , how they manage one million account and sell as this price ?
  3. R

    Traffic Factory

    Looking for Traffic Factory accounts... if anyone has any leads pls let me know!
  4. Gurusocial

    URLs of Binance and Some Other Exchanges blocked in India

    So What do you think About this are aur assets safe aur Should we Transfer Them on Other Platforms Because the Binance App is Still Working? Till Now only there URL are not working and Which other Platfrom Do you suggest for Spot Trading.
  5. dekak

    I need database of people from India with WhatsApp number in it.

    How to get data of India people and in that data it has their WhatsApp number? Or is there a person that can be hired to collect the data? Thank you!
  6. C

    [question] Convert India traffic with adult CPA

    Hello, My adult website is receiving a lot of traffic from India recently. They are my 3rd highest geo already, but they don’t convert on any of my CPA offers, while Europe and USA are doing well. Does anyone have experience with any CPA offer that converts well for India traffic? Any tips?
  7. intracon

    Best CPC traffic sources for CPA

    Hello! I'm looking for the simplest and best performing traffic sources to promote CPA offers. CPC is a must. Already tried Bing Ads and got suspended in the next day after signing up. Tried popunder and push traffic with zero success. Moreover, they need a huge amount of money and a good...
  8. BradyX

    How to access Tiktok from india easily?

    Hello As Tiktok is banned in india I want to know how can I access it on my phone easily I have tried several VPN apps but they do not seem to work Any solid working method ? Thanks
  9. neoanderson

    casino and sports betting marketing for Indian Audience

    I am looking for a team to outsource casino/gambling/betting related marketing. The target country is India and we also might require native language based content and promotions. We have already run YT influencer campaigns with meh results. The client wants punters not branding so please do...
  10. KJREDDY247@

    Happy Lohri | Happy Bhogi To All

  11. alex270 payment gateway doubts

    Hi I want to use on smm panel business. 1) Do they accept Indian registrations? If not, how are Indian panels using the payment option? 2) Are they accept SMM business model? I contacted their support team several times and provided all relevant information, but...
  12. HiQ

    Have you heard of golden opportunities? Next week you may be the richest of all

    301 to post ;p Next week youtube will allow everyone to create a user. The owners of the current channels now try to change the user. For those who don't have a track with a custom channel, Set up a YouTube account and take advantage of the opportunity lot users free / games < free. you may...
  13. S

    my site got stuck on 23 da and p30. how can i increase the da pa of that site and what can increase the traffic of that site. It is an ecommerce site.

    my site got stuck on 23 da how can i increase the da pa of that site and what can increase the traffic of that site. It is an ecommerce site.
  14. jemzozole

    Looking for 2 people to upload Tiktoks from your country (Brazil / China)

    Hello! I am looking for two people - 1 person from Brazil - 1 person from India - 1 person from China (Douyin instead of Tiktok) Other countries ️ Do you think that we would benefit from your GEO localization? Then, contact me with the details about TikTok in your country and its potential...
  15. Iamdrseo

    Any Indian Here? Non-INR transactions (getting this error on SPP.CO)

    Hello, I heard a lot about SPP, Just getting started from today. But I am stuck at the stripe setting here. I have done all the configurations and my Stripe account is a year old and fully verified. I've checked the Internation Export option. screenshot: , Also turned...
  16. dadyyanki

    [Help]how to trade crypto from India

    Can anyone tell step by step how do you trade crypto from India? Like bank acc,wallet which crypto should be traded initially? Thanks in advance.
  17. djsobuj

    India: how to send Money to india?

    Want to send money to India UPI/Bank transfer using my payoneer Mastercard. Wise not accepting my card anymore. How can I send online?
  18. Bloodseeker

    Need help from my fellow Indians in recovering my crypto. Binance is also helping!

    I posted this on 27th August: Finally, the scammer moved the crypto to Binance. I reported it to them, but they are asking me to share this case with local police authorities and ask them to fill out this form...
  19. X

    How to send more than 250k usd a year from india to abroad

    Hi, A resident individual can transfer money abroad to the limit of USD 2,50,000 per financial year. It comes under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) which is set up by the RBI. is it possible to send more than 250k if yes how?
  20. Starblazer

    India may ban VPN services

    Indian Government is planning to ban VPN services in lieu of national security concerns and to stop cybercriminals. It also highlighted that such VPN services are easily available online for anyone's use. The ban, if implemented, is likely to be permanent. It's definitely going to make IM a lot...
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