indexing problem

  1. P

    How to index Web2.0 Profile and Quora Space ?

    Blogger, wordpress , wix and other similar website blogs not indexing almost 2-3 month completed
  2. Didou

    Indexing Problem!! What to do!!

    Hello everyone Since the beginning of January 2022, I've been experiencing indexing issues with my latest articles. I'd like to know whether I'm the only one encountering this annoying problem, or if others of you are as well. To be honest, it irritates me and has really demotivated me from...
  3. D

    Issue in indexing on black hat post

    An issue is occur when i do blackhat post any site like spotify, fitbit doesnt index before 8 pm and sometime after 8pm doesnt index.What is the reason behind all these?
  4. iki

    on-page problem need urgent help

    i have problem with ugly url's being indexed. please advice me how to resolve this i never had this problem before.. so wordpress automaticaly create these shortlinks - indexed - indexed this one is canonical why both ugly and pretty url are indexed...
  5. Social Pracharak

    [Help] Site Indexing Problem

    I Have Over 1200+ Posts And In Google Only 300 Posts Are Indexed, I Created Sitemap Submitted To Index By Google But No Changes Seen ! :( Help Me Out To Sort Out This Problem... Thanks
  6. R

    Help Please! - SERP shows my site with someone else's title and description

    Hey guys, This is my first post on the site and it's sad news. I believe my site has been hacked. Google shows my site's URL on SERP with a stranger's site title and meta description. I have no idea how this is possible. Has my site been hacked? This is an example of what SERP looks like...
  7. G

    Need a help to fix indexing issue of eCommerce site

    Hi All I've a website whose categories pages are not been indexed by the search engine all other product pages are being indexed by the Google. I changed the URL of the categories couple of days back in hope they will be indexed but it still not being indexed. I've verified the sitemap in the...
  8. J

    I am getting problems in indexing and ranking

    My website is not getting indexed in google. I have different sub-domains according to every different country. Like the following examples - /dk /eu /de and so on... Content on every sub-domain is quite similar (not completely) but every sub-domain has different language. Also, the home page...
  9. H

    Indexed...but not indexed. WTF?

    Here is a weird one. I set up a cluster of new sites about a month ago. They are all in different niches, but the structure and format for each sites is almost identical....only the content differs. One site got indexed by Google right away, and is now rocking away, with Google traffic...
  10. F

    Ask: Backlinks Indexed?

    Before nothing, hi BHW! I really enjoy be part of BHW Family. Now, I have a case here with the "profiles backlinks", I'll do a step by step to show you a backlink and my question. First, go to the registration site of my backlink, for example, Second, we...
  11. S

    Autoblogging without a penny in my pocket

    I have arrived at this forum through google search nd i m really impressed by the opportunities of autoblogging. But there is this thing that i dont want to spend a penny on it whatsoever until i receive my first online payment. I m a complete newbie to IM thing. I have been going through some...
  12. Ramsweb

    Some help with indexing pages please?

    Hello all This is my first post and I am very much a newbie, so please pardon what may seem to a stupid question. I have a niche website. The main domain page is indexed but I also have 4 other internal pages that are not indexed. I have links to the 4 internal pages on the page that is...
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