indexing issue

  1. Mendelssohn

    The site is not ranking for branded queries

    Hi everyone, I faced a problem with ranking the site even by brand. It was ranking, but abruptly disappeared. If you insert the exact URL, it appears in the index. In Google Serch Console, writes that the position of the brand "2" in Google, but in fact it is not. What's interesting is that this...
  2. Alphaman77

    Post Not Indexing

    I have a website on adult games which has been built for a month, all its pages, categories and tags have been indexed, but none of its posts are getting indexed. I've also checked Yost's WordPress and Sitemap, but they also have no issues can anyone help me with this issue.
  3. singhlarry

    Need help to Resolve my Indexing Issue

    Hi Mates, I need a support from an expert who can resolve the indexing issue of my website. Please DM me for more details. It is an old news edition domain. Now none of my post is showing in google news section. Also, facing issues with indexing in the web section. Thanks in advance.
  4. singhlarry

    Unique Problem with GSC and Google Search

    Hi BHW Family, I am facing a unique issue with my indexing. After publishing an article on the website it shows the status as indexed on GSC (google search console) after 2-3 hours. However, when i search the url with Site:Https:// on google search bar it doesnt appear. This is...
  5. F

    Someone to Indexing 6 billions pages (Auto-Generated Content) on Google

    I need someone who knows how to index 6 million pages created automatically from a website with phone numbers. The sitemaps are sent to Google Search Console and there are 156k indexed pages, but I can't index more. I tried with but it doesn't work so I need another method...
  6. T

    Duplicate meta description showing in SERP after writing new meta description for each page.

    I Google is showing similar meta descriptions across all the pages. I have updated all the meta descriptions on my own and they are properly placed in the code. What's the issue? Any help would be highly appreciated.
  7. th_rich

    Placeholder titles/desc, until page loads - Too slow for crawling, so indexing placeholders - Advice?

    Note: I'm not the web dev on this project, but I oversee it. So I do my part to help where I can, shine light on what can be improved, and do all the SEO research that I suggest to the team to implement. So our website ( have titles that change once the content is loaded...
  8. J

    How do i get pages of a large site indexed?

    Hi there, I have a Django-based web app that is sort of like a biography site with more than 200k pages. Each page is unique of course with proper unique meta. Google has indexed around 270 pages so far in these 20 days. The biggest issue seems to be how often the site is getting crawled. The...
  9. H

    Can anyone suggest me the Best indexing tool?

    Can anyone suggest me the Best indexing tool which index fast much as possible.
  10. A

    Looking for some who helps me indexing my sites at BING | Solid Budget

    I have never had any problems getting my pages indexed quickly at BING. But I've been having problems with it for a few weeks now and I don't have the time to take care of it. It's about several blogs and landing pages with a new domain and without any backlinks so far. Every month new blogs and...
  11. mei0nuttzz

    I have a question related to search indexing, specifically google search engine.

    I have a question related to search indexing, specifically google search engine. In the search console I get a number of valid urls, but if I do a search in google like this: I get a much smaller result. In search console I get 45.000 indexed urls and if I type in search...
  12. malayan

    How to increase the crawl & index rate for my new site?

    Here's the skinny: I'm a formerly retired SEO, back at it. This website is a complete biz in a competitive and regulated finance space. So, just to give you an idea, site has: About Us | Staff | Ethics Pages | Privacy/Terms/Disclaimer | Contact Us | a news section, services, articles, etc...
  13. mariaurban

    Need Indexing Tool And Solution

    Hi BHW Comunity, I'm in trouble with an indexing issue I want to index my backlinks I already try to index with my own website site but sometimes it's work or sometimes not can anyone help me in this case I'm in depression :(:(
  14. P

    Blog Page indexing

    one of the page of my website already submitted the page in sitemap and also forcefully submitted to the Search console but this page not indexed yet , Even the blog i posted after this all are indexed
  15. Elminday

    How to solve

    Hello fellow blackhatters! I have a page: It was posted on 2022/01/10 - still not indexed by papa Google. Google is saying that it has no errors - "Crawled - currently not indexed". What can be the...
  16. D

    Old Blogging Domain - Ranking Issue

    Hello All, I have taken an old domain for blogging. I have published so many quality articles to increase visits and ranking. Also, Almost 70% articles are indexed. But not a single article is in rank. Also, I have created backlinks too. But I think that there is a problem in technical SEO or...
  17. Savvy linkbuilder

    Post not indexing on google

    Hi, I created a news magazine 6 months ago. There are more than 500 articles but my posts are not showing on Google. Posts can be seen by putting " Site:URL" It means the post is indexed on google but not in ranking. Not Even in Top 100 positions. Ahrefs showing only 74 keywords yet. No...
  18. Hostinglogy

    web 2.0 not getting indexed

    I have tried almost everything like social signals, internal linking, bookmarking and various other things. But my 2.0s (wix,, weebly) are not getting indexed. Can someone tell me what should I do now?
  19. bhupiender

    Not able to index my backlinks

    I tried some paid tools and social signals but still indexing rate is very low. Still waiting for july 2021 backlinks to get index. Gone through multiple thread on BHW but all suggestions are confusing and seems blackhat to me. any whitehat or safe way to get it index? For all of us please only...
  20. curious_

    How to index subdomain links (Web 2.0)

    Hey guys, I found that G00gle now don't index subdomain links. Maybe it's been a while, but I realized it only recently. Here are some example of subdomains I mean: I submitted a...
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