index a list of urls

  1. Proxy UK

    How to increase Indexable of page

    I have a new page that have hundred post but half of them are not index despite of post long time ago. Why my page has the low indexable? What should I do to improve that? Request Indexing on GSC is waste too much time. Please give me some advice to solve this problem.
  2. M

    Indexing Method Results

    During my previous posts, I published 1. an indexing method 2. A thorough investigation into indexing services I promised I will share results of both the method and the service I tried out. An independent party reached me with 4 links to index Here are the results in which I used both an...
  3. indexer.jpg


    Indexing Service
  4. BigBlackPoodle

    Best Indexing Tool

    As title states, looking for any kind of recommendations for indexing tools since GSC only lets me do 10 requests/day. I'm using OmegaIndexer now, but have considered using IndexMeNow. Does anyone have any recommendations/advice?
  5. edericoski

    Index problem of blog posts I published

    Hi, I have a question. I have a blog post published on my website (replica product e-commerce site) every 3 days. Some of the blog posts I publish are indexed and then I see that they are not indexed. Such as, a content I published 1.5 weeks ago is removed from the index, then it comes back...
  6. M

    Social link indexing - Want to Hire

    I tried all indexing services on bhw. None of them worked. I want to index about 500 URLs. Most of them are social media links (Twitter, facebook, pinterest, vk, tumblr, etc...) If you can index, send me on Telegram: @free_english_247
  7. ZillaRank

    looking for indexing service or method (not including GSC/sitemaps) that actually work

  8. F

    How to Index?

    Hi to all members, Basically I am doing seo for a website related to education, but having issue in indexing for the backlinks. My backlinks are not getting indexed. Can you help me regarding this? By providing solution any other technique for indexing the backlinks. If you can help, you can...
  9. Waqar Ashraf

    Free Google Indexer for SEO – Website Indexing Tool for Submitting your URls to Google (100% FREE)

    Do you want Google to index your website posts and pages? It can be frustrating when, despite your hard work on total posts or detailed product pages, Google isn’t indexing them. After investigating why Google wasn’t indexing my pages, I found a solution – Google Indexing API. As described by...
  10. S


    I have social media links from these type of domains 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Recommend a good indexer able to index single posts backlinks created on these sites? The links look like...
  11. shags38

    NOT just another link indexing question

    So I have read a bunch of threads about link indexing but still have some queries (in fact some have come from reading the other threads). These queries may seem to be simple 'should know' to many pros in here but I'm not asking because I do know :) Q 1. is putting the 'links to the backlinks'...
  12. jonessaha

    SPAMDEXING Backlinks

    Hello guys I need to index my backlinks real fast ( in minutes maximum 2 - 3 hours ) Can someone share a trick to index instant i was indexing using a news forum now they closed it a blackhat method please I already know all the whitehat ways also the blackhat tricks like ( reddit -...
  13. F

    Someone to Indexing 6 billions pages (Auto-Generated Content) on Google

    I need someone who knows how to index 6 million pages created automatically from a website with phone numbers. The sitemaps are sent to Google Search Console and there are 156k indexed pages, but I can't index more. I tried with but it doesn't work so I need another method...
  14. th_rich

    Multiple domains, 1 website - how to go about it? Sitemaps, index them all, 301 redirects, or?

    I've done a couple hours of research into this and still haven't come to a solid solution. I own a handful of domains, and 1 website. Trying to figure out the best method to leverage the advantage of them. Most blog articles say to just use 301 redirects from the other domains and point them to...
  15. jootess

    If I have less URLs per sitemap

    Hello I wan to get indexed on google FASTER. If i set less URLs for each sitemap will be get index faster? For now I have 200 URLs per sitemap but if I change it to 50 URLs per sitemap, Will be effect on speed of indexing?
  16. jootess

    Index 500K pages rapidly

    What is the best way to index 500K pages rapidly? I have sitemap and some backlinks...
  17. W

    How to increase the speed of page indexing

    Hi all. Recently used the services of a specialist to index pages quickly. And then I have a question how to index pages on different sites, and even own, when google bot does not want to go to the site, even after using the API and manually send to index. Maybe someone has a proven tool or...
  18. W

    Indexing the site with non-standard methods

    Hi all. I recently published a topic in the white hat section of seo about indexing site pages organically. I was also interested in increasing the speed of site indexing by non-standard methods. I used social networking and messenger conversions to increase the speed of indexing, it was good...
  19. mariaurban

    Need Indexing Tool And Solution

    Hi BHW Comunity, I'm in trouble with an indexing issue I want to index my backlinks I already try to index with my own website site but sometimes it's work or sometimes not can anyone help me in this case I'm in depression :(:(
  20. redabale

    what is the best indexing service now

    hello guys what's the best indexing service now on bhw for new websites with 10k+ link thanks
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