1. TheVegan

    CPA incentive through photography

    I had an idea today about a way to create incentive to complete CPA offers. All you would need is a good camera. Basically you could go to clubs and other events, take professional quality photos, and even hand people a card afterwords with a link to your site, then they have to complete an...
  2. K

    Help needed for good SEO

    I am looking for good help for poker related SEO. I'm not looking to invest money in it, and want to learn, and repay my future helper trough work or a % of the newly made profits. It could be a great help, if you could point me in the right direction, some ebooks to study, some pointers...
  3. R

    Incentive Based CPA Definition?

    Hi, I was wondering what really defined Incentive based CPA. I know content lockers are, but if I'm giving them money to complete surveys and stuff is that also incentive based or is that just drawing the line? I'm asking this question because on my affiliate network, I'm also kind of...
  4. osho619

    how to promote cash incentives cpa offers

    hello everyone i am a newbie to cpa marketing i want to promote cash incentives cpa offers and also i want to earn at least 50 $ daily, is there any risk if promote cash incentives offers please suggest me.
  5. P

    Is this a "safe" tactic?

    Hello everyone, need a little advice and any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Here is what I am thinking to do: Combine an online offer with offline flyers with a couple of twists. The affiliate offer allows me to use minimal or no incentive use, so I thought to get around that I would...
  6. I

    What is the best BH Method for CPA Offers?

    Hello everyone, I have been reading over a lot of the CPA info here and I was wondering for all of you more experienced people who are already making money via CPA offers and BH methods what is the best way to get people to complete the offers? For example are you: Hiring people to...
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