What is the best BH Method for CPA Offers?


Nov 20, 2008
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Hello everyone,
I have been reading over a lot of the CPA info here and I was wondering for all of you more experienced people who are already making money via CPA offers and BH methods what is the best way to get people to complete the offers?

For example are you:

Hiring people to do the offers
Using proxies to do your own offers
Offering "bribes" to get them to complete the offers, if so what type of bribes?
What other methods?

I am asking since I am just starting in this area of BH and think offering "bribes" would be best but I am a but unsure what "bribes" to offer.

I know this may be a sensitive question so feel free to PM me your answer if you do not want everyone to see it.

Thank you all for your help and I am looking forward to being a member of this site for a long time - I have finally found people who think like I do! :yield:

"bribes" or in CPA language "incentives" are probably the most common. Some offers allow incentives, some don't.

The incentives can be cash, but often they are set up as a requirement to get something else, a password, access to a download, a job, a rental, etc.
Are you sure that you aren't a CPA manager?.

One post and asking questions...uh
You know that is a damn good question. I think this question is not so good from a non seasoned member.

Why don't you just start trying some things....trial and error. Then report back your experience.

The key at BHW is give.
Yeah this clearly looks like a CPA manager.

Ok, guys - now I'm getting a bit offended here. I asked a noob question I know. But I am NOT an affiliate manager. I wish I could somehow prove that to you all but I am not one.

I would have removed the psot to begin with after I thought about it but the system does not even allow you to do that so there is my two cents worth.

Chalk it up to being a new guy - I'll never live it down I am sure! :yield:

We said cpa manager not affiliate manager :O Busted!

Lol idk
yeah, just incentivize offers that allow incentivization. you can offer all kinds of stuff. have you ever seen those sites like "ipod for free" or "macbook for free" or something like that? that's a good example of incentivizing offers.
The best method for black hat CPA offers is the torrent method hands down. Now the thing is you want to split the offer across multiple sites (I was makes $600 a month off one and then last month $900 but they banned me). I got to greedy
you must weren't hiding your traffic source theadultsplayground if you got banned.
PPC + zip submit works wonders when done right.

If you add your own magic codes to those o_O
sorry if this oot.. to mods.. is it allow to put LARGE advertsiement banner like infoseeker did ? it kinda annoy me lil bit .. don't know for other..

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