Is this a "safe" tactic?

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    Hello everyone, need a little advice and any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
    Here is what I am thinking to do:
    Combine an online offer with offline flyers with a couple of twists. The affiliate offer allows me to use minimal or no incentive use, so I thought to get around that I would have people go to Site #1 and sign up to get the incentive and share their information with me so that I can send them the incentive later after they sign up for the REAL offer and then they would click on a link at Site #1 to go to my "shopping" site (Site #2) and click on the link for the sign up for the advertisers offer (affiliate offer).
    Since I am going to have my first site collect the "real/personal" information the advertiser won't know (automatically) about the incentive I have offered the customer to get them to sign up for their offer. The incentive cuts into my profit big time BUT something is better than nothing ????
    OK, what problems do you see me having doing it this way?
    Thanks for ANY & ALL input