1. D

    imei active or not

    There are third party website like which help in tell weather imei is active or not how do they get that data? sorry i could not figure out where to post thread so i am posting here
  2. A

    Need help to modify IMEI in huawei e8372h-155 dongle

    Im looking for someone who can modify IMEI in huawei e8372h-155 dongle into mobile phone IMEI Device name: E8372h-155 Hardware version: CL2E8372HM Software version: 21.335.05.00.00
  3. P

    How can I evade a reddit ban?

    So I got perma banned from reddit and my plan is to use a new IP and a whole different device. (I´ll get a new provider in a week) My question is: What should I do with my iPhone and my PC which are logged in into my banned accounts, because I dont want to "infect" my new IP? Is it enough to...
  4. BlackSugarz

    imei discussions

    Hello guys, I don't know where to post this btw I have this in my mind for long time what will happen if I use the same imei on couple phones ? calling in different phones with the same imei !? or calling someone has the same imei number ? will it work ? Will it have any violations from...
  5. R

    Need photos of touchscreen phones with IMEI Number for a project

    Hi, I need 200 photos of touchscreen phones with undamaged/uncracked screens. The screen of the phone should contain the IMEI number (press "*#06#" in your phone dialer to open the IMEI screen). The phones should be upright in the photos. Look at a couple of sample images below (note that the...
  6. Md Siddik

    Lost My Phone ( anyone can help ? )

    I have lost my Xiomi phone I have my IMEI number anyone can help me find just the location ? or the SIM card using on that phone ?
  7. G

    Need IMEI serial number data

    Hello BHW, Hope all are doing well. I am looking for IMEI serial number data. Which included: IMEI Serial Number Device Name Device Model Please let me know If you can able to provide such data. Regards Gillyrocker
  8. S

    If I jailbreak my iPhone 5, could I change its IMEI?

    And if not, how would I go about changing its IMEI?
  9. T

    Question about Iphone 4s unlock O2

    Hello guys, First of all im pretty new here and my english isn't that good so excuse me for that. I worked at a company in England and I got a iphone 4s from them to use for business. After 1 year of working there they went bankrupt. I was able to keep the iphone but after 2 days it didn't work...
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