image hosting

  1. deedee1whoa

    Removing hotlinked images embedded online in 1 click

    Remember that famous little pic? :) Situation. Upload photos and share them (embedd/hotlink) on your blog/site/forums publicly, but when you decide to take them down, you just go back to the file upload service, find the one you want gone and just delete it so it automatically disappears...
  2. A

    Make money Image hosters

    Hey, BHW! Anyone had any inquieries with and Are they reliable?
  3. Unfodos

    what is the best webhosting plan to host image hosting script

    hello guys all suggestions are appreciated thank you
  4. Alma

    Looking for someone earning with Adult Image Hosts

    Hello guys, I am looking for someone who is earning with adult image hosts. My team and I have finished new adult image host and we are looking for somebody to test it with us. Please PM me. Thanks, Knowle
  5. Pete Friedman

    [Question] Paying link-shortener and paying image host for adult content

    1. What image-hosting do you recommend for XXX that pays per impression? I'm gonna try but wondering if there are any better. 2. What URL-shortener do you recommend that allows XXX? I wanted to try out but they require phone verification before you get paid.
  6. T

    Any ideas for a site similar to tumblr which can host adult content and I can ad ads to?

    I have a subreddit on Reddit which generates decent traffic and I want to create a site which I can occasionally direct clicks from there to generate some income. I had a tumblr with ads from Plugrush on it that links from that site are no longer able to be posted to reddit. I have previously...
  7. I

    Img.Al - Earn upto $5.3 Per 1000 Image Views !

    Hello! I am introducing a new image host program ! We pay you up to $5.30 per 1000 views of your images . All country count ! Country Groups: Tier 1: ($5.30/1000 View) United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia Tier 2: ($1/1000 View) Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France...
  8. D

    Image Hosting for Storing Photos Service

    Hi Community, im trying something new, the Website is simple and is built on top of G\ Library and Peafowl framework. comes with a gorgeous responsive user interface with an awesome uploader, an astonishing content manager and a system that you will fall in love by its gorgeous look...
  9. P Earn $6/1000 Views On Images - Weekly Payments Earn Money Simply By Sharing Your Images Lets welcome to the the best and revolutionary image hosting! We will pay you for uploading and sharing your images, up to $ 6.00 per 1000 image views! Payment : Picbank assure our valuable user to get their payment every week...
  10. winchesterpic

    Image Hosting Sites: Imgmoney, Imgcloud, Imagetwist ... Experience?

    Hey, Have any of you guys gained experiences with image hosting sites? For example imagetwist or imgmoney.. there's a new one called imgcloud where I just signed up, because they claim to pay up to 5$ per 1k visitors on your picture. I couldn't find anything about in on here though, so I wanted...
  11. H

    Need a Free Image Hosting Script

    Hi guys, I have learnt a lot of things from here and got inspiration from many BHW members success in IM. I basically wanna start a image hosting site which contains adult contents. So i need a free image hosting scripts with ads location that's why i will put my ads code on there. Please help...
  12. jovica888

    Best CPA network fo Adult Image Hosting site

    OK. So as you know I started Image Hosting site for adult pictures... I hope that I would make 1:10.000 CPA conversion so I can pay max 27$ for my affiliates and I will earn 35$. I thought that is the worst CPA conversion and I hopped that will be better in reality... ... But in reality this...
  13. jovica888

    "Continue to your image" code

    I need that code for my Image Hosting site "Continue to your image" like on pixhost or imagevenue or imgchili. I want to promote fling Thank you.
  14. jovica888

    ImageHosting + Adfly or Adfocus

    Ok so I got this idea. We made image hosting site (adult whatever) and we made thumbnail link to link directly to thumbnail and URL to link with adfocus (maybe better because adfly is almost banned everywhere ) Exemple So what are u think about that. Is this...
  15. I

    hotIMG - Make up to $2 per 1,000 views of your images

    Hi guys, Just wanna share a brand new image hosting site with you all - hotIMG hotIMG offers an attractive make money program where you can earn up to $2 per 1000 views of your images. Its platform is very simple: Upload images > Share > Earn $ Special features: - .nfo to .png...
  16. Z

    Image Hosting Scripts!? Which one is the best?

    I need to find an image hosting script since I decided to fire up an image hosting site. What would you guys recommend? Should I go for free scripts? I don't care if it's free or not.... The only thing that matters to me is efficiency! If it does a great job, then I'll get it... So which...
  17. P

    How to make Black Hat Money with Image Hosting

    I currently have an image hosting site that is around 4 years old. I have never spent much time marketing the site and with word of mouth there are a handful of paying users. Some of these users have thousands of images on the server and are committed to me for the long run. But, are there...
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