Best CPA network fo Adult Image Hosting site

Discussion in 'CPA' started by jovica888, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    OK. So as you know I started Image Hosting site for adult pictures...

    I hope that I would make 1:10.000 CPA conversion so I can pay max 27$ for my affiliates and I will earn 35$. I thought that is the worst CPA conversion and I hopped that will be better in reality... ... But in reality this is much bigger number....

    I sent about 30.000 hits to awempire nastydollars and hugetraffic. On hugetaffic I had 1 sell and I
    wanted to test it. I register on my own ad... ... and I DID NOT GOT EMAIL FOR VERIFICATION on Fling... So after huge discussion I decided to go - They have really good revshare program so I thought this will be gr8 for me...

    After sending 9000 unique clicks on their ads (I have "Continue to your image" code and popunder) my conversion is 0:9000... verry sad

    I don't know what should I do know and what am I doing wrong... Please help me before it is too late (before we spread our money to our affiliates and earn nothing)... If I fail this will be the biggest fail in my life...

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    just dont give up