1. xtopzi

    Your Awesome Designs + My PoD Etsy Store

    Designer? Photoshop/Illustrator Master? Serious about making money $$$ during Covid-19? I have an awesome partnership opportunity for you. You'll be designing T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Hoodies, Face Masks etc. in super trending niches. I will do all the market research so we only selling hot...
  2. Stifl

    [JV] In search for a Photoshop(or Illustrator) specialist for YouTube

    Hello everyone! I've started a new YouTube channel some days ago that I find to be in a profitable and not very saturated niche. But sadly it is very mentally draining to get a lot of content for it to potentially maximize my growth. Now I am searching for a partner who has experience with...
  3. Silver Dragon SEO

    [WTB] Looped GIF Animation of Assets I Own

    Looking for someone to make looped animations of assets I have .epa/.ai files of. Each loop should be 3 - 10 seconds (multiple assets, some multiple on one design). Would like TAT to be within 24 hours. PM directly on here with your rates/service breakdown.
  4. uniquedesigns


  5. E

    Any Expert of Adobe Illustrator Here?

    How do I save this value so I don't have to put it manually every time?
  6. moose942

    Illustrator/Artist needs partner for clothing (t-shirts + more)

    I'm an illustrator/artist looking to partner with someone to create and sell merchandise, primarily clothing like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and potentially hats or other fitting items. I have a style that translates well to clothing. If you have the other half to my illustration/design skills and...
  7. L


    I have to many pictures which i want to add on shopify but every picture giving me this error .JPG" exceeds 20 megapixels because image sizes are to big any fast way to decrease pixels of the images without resizing images
  8. L

    photoshop fonts

    Some fonts in this documents are missing. You can sync matching fonts from Typekit, or replace missing fonts with a default or different fonts used in this document how to fix this please any automated way ? because in this file i am editing many logos
  9. L

    design a text

    I want to design text in to logo style can some one please suggest me any good style please i am not expert designer thank you
  10. cosmikstudio

    Adobe Illustrator 2019- Where can I find Mac Torrent? Any Ideas?

    I have been searching for Adobe Illustrator Torrent via Pirate Bay Proxy but can't find the 2019 version. It has the coolest gradient tool options so wondering if someone can help me find the same. Thanks in advance.
  11. mytar-mytar

    Looking for an someone with illustrator skills

    I have a bunch of business type Insta post. All made with illustrator. I want someone able to do a copy of them but with a different graphics chart. Really easy. Looking for a long term partnership because I will need contents for a long time. Pm with a price for a bunch of +30 designs...
  12. HoZoBoRoLo

    [JV] Amazon Merch for who can design tshirt

    I have an account on Amazon Merch and I'm looking for a designer who can design t-shirt. If anyone interested please PM me.
  13. LearnerBoy

    Need Astute : Vector First Aid

    I need Astute : Vectorfirstaid aka Vector First Aid Plugin, please share if you have any license or crack for that plugin, Thanks.
  14. I

    [REQ] Logo Designer Wanted

    Want a logo designer who can craft a quick logo. Concept done. All you need to do is illustrate the logo in a different color. Will need vector and psd file, in addition to a jpeg image. Payment $10. No negotiations. Interested people can PM me. Thanks P.S.: I am not interested in hopping on...
  15. ShiningWarrior

    Where to find vectorstock/istockphoto/shutterstock images for FREE?

    Hi, most of the images that I need are only available at vectorstock, istockphoto and shutterstock only. I'm really surprised that they charge so much for a single vector and image. Is there any place where I can get images and vectors for FREE that are only available at vectorstock...
  16. A

    [GET] Astute Graphics Phantasm 3.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator - $99 - > YOUR's FREE

    Astute Graphics Phantasm 3.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator Get the entire Astute Graphics Elite Plug-ins Bundle 1.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator Here Made up of three key components, Phantasm makes light work of much sought-after vector halftones, duotones and tricky color adjustments. Easily adjust...
  17. A

    [GET] Fontself Make Fonts in Illustrator - $49 -> YOUR's FREE

    Fontself Make fonts in Illustrator Fontself Maker brings font creation capabilities to Illustrator CC. You can now easily turn your own lettering into actual fonts: • It's just SOOOO EASY: just drag & drop any letter, icon or symbol to the Fontself Maker panel, and BOOOM, you've just created...
  18. A

    [GET] GuideGuide 4.7.1 for Adobe Illustrator - $10 -> YOUR's FREE

    GuideGuide 4.7.1 for Adobe Ilustrator You can download GuideGuide 4.7.1 for Adobe Photoshop Here Guides are a pain. GuideGuide is the Photoshop and Illustrator panel that makes working with guides painless. GuideGuide has been saving design time since 2010. During its early days as a free...
  19. A

    [GET] Astute Graphics Elite Bundle 1.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator + Pro Texture Packs - $650.20 -> FREE

    Astute Graphics Elite Plug-ins Bundle 1.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator + Pro Texture Packs Makers of award winning, time saving and creative tools such as Phantasm, VectorScribe, WidthScribe and many more. Get the complete set of plug-ins and transform your workflow in Illustrator. Add speed, ease...
  20. Yasin Arbi

    Graphic design free courses if anyone can suggest for illustrator

    Hi , I am looking forward to gain some skills and i need some help with guidance on graphic designing. Thanks in advance for replying to this post with honesty. M.Yasin