1. L

    Will we ever get IGTV monetization?

    Hello everybody. Its been a year i think since igtv monetization announced. As we know it had delays in summer time. Does anyone has any news about it ? When it'll be or what requirements will be needed ?
  2. L

    Google is adding ig videos

    What’s y’all’s take on it? Will backlinks be used for greater use regarding ig? Article showing google is testing tik tok/ig videos I have noticed a lot of copying lately! Tik tok long videos—-> YouTube YouTube shorts —-> tik tok Instagram reels—-> tik tok Instagram guides ——> pinterest...
  3. draco02

    Content for Instagram TV (IGTV)

    I need your ideas on how to convert an instagram post into an IGTV video, which doesnt look spammy and generic Example: ive a Fitness page and a post on it is "11 tips on how to trigger biceps growth" ------------ My idea: make an animated video going through tip 1 to tip 11 like a powerpoint...
  4. vaz93

    Automatic IGTV Views

    Hello, I need automatic IGTV views to resell. I can only find regular IGTV views but not automatic. If anybody can provide this service with automatic detection and instant delivery, please PM. Thanks!
  5. X

    Is IGTV working well ?

    I see many threads about instagram growth... But i didn't saw that much on IGTV knowing that it's one of the best thing to grow your account anybody have an idea on how to do it ? Or it's just about upload quality content and that's it ?
  6. Jalenworldwide


    Hey there BHW ! My business will be doing marketing using IGTV and I wanted to ask, does anyone know of a panel that provides instant IGTV views? I know IG views are pretty instant across all panels, but I'm having trouble finding on that has instant service for the IGTV views. If anyone can...
  7. rocknrollchef

    Effectiveness Of Video On IGTV vs. Main Feed w/ Affiliate Links?

    Hello (trying this question again): Instagram is obviously putting some emphasis on video lately - especially IGTV - but wondering two things regarding their effectiveness towards the MAIN goal: Driving traffic to a shopping cart or affiliate program to make $: 1. Is it better to upload a...
  8. BoostChef

    [Giveaway] 2000 IGTV Views For Everyone

    After Instagram likes giveaway, I'm here with free IGTV Views giveaway! This is a IGTV Views Giveaway thread and I'll be providing free views upto 2000 to all users or maybe more than 2000 sometimes. Yes, you heard it right! There is no limit of users who can avail this giveaway. So here are...
  9. XdSon

    Giveaway | 100.000 Views on IG Video or IGTv

    The first comment will win this giveaway !, Thanks.
  10. K

    IGTV Shoutouts

    Hi all! I was thinking about using IGTV to make my shoutout pages more popular. Do you think it would be a good idea to upload shoutout videos there? I think big content creators are used to shoutout pages by now, but I feel like it would be a little bit different on IGTV. You can tag the...
  11. Gameshine


    As we all know facebook has been trying to compete with youtube. Instagram the fbook owned platform now has IGTV MY THOUGHTS ON IGTV, AND HOW TO USE IT TO GROW YOUR IG ACCOUNT First of all lets go back to when IG stories came out and the big competition between snapchat and ig stories...
  12. B

    IGTV Services

    hello guys, Im thinking of offering IGTV services. Do you think people gonna buy it? I’m not sure if IGTV has any future. But it could make a lot of money since there are not many people selling these services. What’s your opinion on that
  13. oyekanwahab

    Instagram Tv Channel

    With the the addition of TV channel on Instagram Any body have idea on how to use IG channel for promoting or monetizing Have been looking for my self, would share any idea i find
  14. InternetUser

    Need IGTV views & likes!

    Title says it all. Looking to purchase IGTV views & likes. If you can provide please message me.
  15. H

    IG TV

    So whats up with IG tv anybody have the scoop on it or methods. Somebody share!!! lol
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