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    Instaccountmanager (IAM) Issues, help needed

    Ive been trying to use IAM, and have everything setup. I ran a Mass Dm but in the logs it said "empty message text, skipping" i changed my message and now it says "Instagram doesn't like the text" what do you think the problem is? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Ig dm

    Anyone get success through DM? I am sending 50+/day dm but don't get any response.. Anyone can help me with advices?
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    Hello is there any IG bot that can send DM after viewing a story?

    Is there any?
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    I want IG dm bot. recommend please!

    I want to send DM to have more than 10,000 follower people DM must be able to include photos and letters. Are there any services available for these features?