ig + cpi

  1. M

    Any guy doing cpa offerwall?

    How you guys are promoting your offer wall? ex if instagram, how you get people to click and take surveys or app install?
  2. Salahedka

    instagram accounts creation

    hello guys, I want advice , What's the best way to create like 50 IG acc 1- Buy them 2- buy bulk of mail.ru and create them with Igramtool
  3. D

    Need help with IG BOTTING

    Hi, Im using GMT2 to bot my accounts on instagram. I have used like 3 kind of proxies and give me follow or like blocks, only when I use my real ip works good. But Im having another problem and I have a question: INSTAGRAM HAVE SHADOWBAN? I mean I follow and like an user but my follow backs...
  4. roger254

    IG affiliate marketing journey to $ 300 per day

    HISTORY I joined BHW in 2016 and based on the interesting info I found here, I tried for around 2 months a few different things with zero results; Ogads affiliate program, Dropshipping, Amazon affiliate site etc. Got bogged down by work in 2017 so didn’t do much but checked BHW forums...
  5. lorenkal

    IG posts from PC

    I am use gramlr but they are only post photo not include description. Where or any tools can posts ig with photo include description from photo? Thank you Sr, my english not good
  6. A

    Road to 10€ per day w/OGAds and IG

    Heya Guys! So I decided that I want to have some extra income to invest in some other school projects. Like I want to make a robotic arm in the near future. A little about me I am a 16 year old boy and I live in a small country in Europe called Slovenia. I am a YouTuber with 224 subscriber...
  7. M

    My first jouney (cpa + youtube) from 0$ to 5$ a day

    Hi guys. First of all excuse my english I am just a newbie to this game and I just learned how to rip a landing pages and some html, css and js basics. I know that 5$ a day its not too much but its the way to get a budget and start a big project. What I already have: 1- Ogads account 2-cpabuild...
  8. tux

    [Method] Don't Buy domains ever again on IG+CPI [part 2]

    If you haven't read the method 1 already, Read it here - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/method-dont-buy-domains-ever-again-on-ig-cpi.960125/ When doing ig+cpi, direct-linking always have more cvr than using a pre-lander. In this method, i'm going to talk about setting up a pre-lander that...
  9. tux

    [Method] Recover your engagement on Instagram

    Well almost everyday i see some user asking this question again. My engagement has dropped , my account is dead yada yada yada. This guide is most useful for people doing follow/unfollow. Warning - this guide is long with no pics , you have been warned ! First of all i'm going to say something...
  10. tux

    Tip to Grow your network of accounts in same niche

    I call this a loop giveaway/shoutout , i don't know if it has an official name yet. For this to work you need a sizeable instagram account (i think 5k+ should suffice) , plus the method is blackhat :p I'm not a native so bear with my english. It is basically a giveaway and the winner is your...
  11. Lilgwanz

    Giving Instagram a Shot:Journey To $100 A Day

    FIRST OF THE TITLE IS A CLICK BAIT:) So after going through this forum for a while i have decided to give instagram a shot and i plan on just scaling up whatever i make at first. THINGS I HAVE SET UP ALREADY: 1-A vps $8 2-5 PVA Instagram accounts made by me (sim cards are dirt cheap in my...
  12. Z

    Ig method help!

    Hello, I've seen a method for instagram, actuallu i have an ig account with 1k folowers of 1 year, i want a site like ogads. thanks mates
  13. A

    what should i do to improve MY Compaign

    hi guys i have 4 account running on followliker : i follow 450 per day for each account . i gain 80 - 120 followers per day for each account link in bio : 10 clicks to landing page ogads : between 0 - 2 conversion per day gain : 0,30 $ per day According to this state , to...
  14. A

    [Important] It's normal this followliker stats ?

    hi guys i'm running followliker and i got 7% to 20% followback rate , see the photo bellow . i have changed the profil source still not big change , anyone know to to deal with this issue . i don't want to increase daily follow or add many accounts . i want to gain at least 100 followers per...
  15. abraarukuk


    Hi all, I wonder by IG username can we find the person ip address or contact number /email address? i know its silly and unacceptable,but if anyone has any idea,please feel free to share. thanks & Regards. Abra
  16. A

    0 clicks to my landing page

    hi guys i have 4 account running on followliker and i got 100 followers per day for each account but 0 clicks to my link in the bio , i tested the link and it work normaly . can you figure something ???plz thanks
  17. brandowafflz

    Solution for OGads Shaving

    Alright guys, so at this point it is obvious that people are experiencing CVR drops for the past couple of days. We won't be able to get anywhere as a community if we don't make our argument more concise. I went to both of my OGads accounts and messaged my AMs saying that the community is...
  18. T

    Please Explain How to Join IG Engagement Groups

    Hello, I manage multiple IG accounts and I have been able to gain 15K followers organically, but it has stalled. I would like to increase our engagement, CPA and learn about any other IG tips and tricks that I don't know. I have already learned so much from browsing the forum, but I can't get a...
  19. blackhunter737

    My Journey to 50$/day using IG+OGads

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to start my own journey to see my progress and also to practice my english:) Actually, I'm not starting from scratch, I've been into the Instagram game for like 2 years and have some knowledge. So to start I bought 5 dedicated proxies + VPS. I'm using FOLLOWLIKER. I...
  20. cacats

    Instagram (+OGADS) journey

    What do you think if we create a GROUP to motívate us in our Instagram (or Instagram +OGADS) journeys? We could advise each other and share our experience. It would not be necessary to share our secret recipe, only motivation. We could ask for advice and help the other GROUP members. What do...