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  1. GenesisOne

    [38% OFF] Argo Content Generator + FINALCloak + ARGO Backlink Bot + Argo Image Scraper = ONE TIME DEAL

    I am selling my software licenses for the following ARGO SEO Tools: ARGO Content Generator Create complete Websites of thousands of pages in minutes based on your chosen keywords. Build Adsense Websites, Bridge Pages, and your own powerful PBN’s. Scrape, translate on the fly, build and keep up...
  2. M

    Hub Pages - Get an account out of the sandbox

    I am looking for someone who can get my articles out of the sandbox - "article not cleared for publication because it didn't pass the Quality Assessment Process." My content is high quality and hand written. I believe I just don't understand what Hub Pages wants to see in terms of its...
  3. BrandonM

    Does anyone make a decent passive income off hubpages?

    Recently I've set a goal to post 1 high quality and in depth article on hubpages each and every day. I'm using the adsense program and hope to have success with clickbank and amazon. Every day I publish an article I notice a slight increase in my earnings but not much. I'm generating around 5...
  4. L

    Squidoo links are no follow now :(

    Hey guys this may be old news to some of you but squidoo has decided to nofollow all their outbound links! I noticed that hub pages users are complaining about serious loss in traffic (hit hard by google update most likely) so I reckon hub pages will follow suit...... No point in wasting any...
  5. S

    Hub Pages Help

    I want to know few things about Hub Pages. Can anyone please help me? I want to increase my hub page followers is there any way out? My hubs are of good quality but they are not yet featured. Moreover I want to know the hub page earnings. I have entered my adsense id but not the paypal (as I dnt...
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