1. loukeyzee

    ✅DUPLIBOT Website Cloner, Website Copier, Website Duplicator | Google Chrome Extension | Start Working Efficiently! ✅✅

  2. OhHiMark

    Is Getting HTML Templates using HTTrack still viable?

    Hello, So I'm looking at ways to get premium HTML templates for free from places like Themeforest. Some people simply claim you can do this by simply downloading the site preview with something like HTTtrack. But is this best practice to getting these HTML templates? I've used the search and...
  3. Mirkogiovannetti

    Job to Httrack Website

    Can any of you scrap me a website with Httrack? PM to website
  4. L

    put wordpress website in php website

    Hello i have created a a wordpress landing page so i want to put it in a php website home page where wordpress landing page will be shown as a link of php website Is it possible ?
  5. TheBlackDeath

    Is it hard to get caught stealing websites with HTTrack?

    I copied a popular blog website with HTTrack. It comes up in google for many search terms so it's a known brand in it's niche. I was going to upload the exact copy of the website with a near identical domain, while only changing the affiliate links so I could get all revenue after posting to...
  6. mike coulson

    Scrap Website Using HTTrack Website Copier

    Hi Friends, someone has copied/scrapped by the website using HTTrack website copier. All my images, links & content has been copied by them. So how can I stop them from the further copy? What are the step should I take to remove/banned the cloned website from the search engine. Thanks
  7. P

    Uploading to cpanel with Httrack Help

    Hi so I bought a housting plan with Poweruphosting, I have a previously bought domain which is active, I have an approved LP from OGads I have downloaded that page with Httrack and it is stored in my c drive. I am on the cpanel clicked file manager and now not 100% sure to do, I watched a...
  8. Mr.Charles

    Download full website

    Hello friends, I'm trying to download a full website from archive . org and httrack software. But just download the homepage. Is there any way to download full? I hope you can help me. Greetings jcarlosweb
  9. J

    Downloading and editing a wordpress site

    Is there any posibility to download a wordpress site and edit it? I downloaded some time ago a site using httrack and uploaded it using filezilla but I can`t edit it afterwards, I would like to be able to edit it easily in the wordpress interface from the website. Can it be done, am I missing...
  10. A

    Help understanding wget httrack and PHP

    Hi there, So I'm trying to learn this a bit better. I know that wget can pull a static copy of a php driven website. I haven't played with httrack too much. I'm wondering if it also will pull a static copy, or if it can pull an exact copy of the dynamic site? PHP driven sites, like Wordpress or...