html and css

  1. Jono987

    Website development for crypto asset manager site (no WordPress)

    I need a website (NONE WORDPRESS) for a client that's starting a crypto asset management program where people are able to invest from 1 week up to 1 year +. The site design needs to be similar to these Clean and modern, even better if we add...
  2. U


    Need a freelancer to make a variety of bots and a coder with experience using tools such as burp suite and other html, php, css related software
  3. stark3

    Need a web developer / designer for html landingpages gaming website

    Hi, i'm looking for a fullstak developper to make simple landing pages like this website : this is mostly for gaming websites but it can be for netflix etc i need someone that can be ready to work in several projects with me...
  4. htoolas

    How to redirect pc visitor to "X" link and phone visitor to "Y" link

    Hi, i want a html code or any method to redirect pc visitors to a pc offers and if the visitor using phone he will get phones offer. "something like smartlink"
  5. beastkay

    Learn and Earn - What are the best HTML and CSS courses in year 2020?

    Hey BHWers, I was going to ask about the best HTML and CSS courses in year 2020? But instead of it I've written this post, you can read it - it's not that big but I guess you might be getting some value out of it...
  6. KelvyTheBlacky

    Web designers must see this!

    Hi fellas! I'm in the process of designing my website and came across this site that has beautifully formatted content containers. Does anyone have any idea how i can replicate this to my site? Looks really nice IMO. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. crystalwiz

    How can I block ********/nofollow link highlighters from detecting my link types?

    Hi all, I would like to know if there is a tool that can block any spy bot, chrome extension or software that is built to check whether links are ******** or nofollow in a blog [article] Any free html script or tool that can do this? I need it please.
  8. D


    Hi guys! I'm a Digital Marketer and Web Designer (Html, PHP, LUA) who found out about this wonderful community. I do mostly blogs or business sites on WordPress and also e-commerce on Big Commerce, Shopify, and more. Also, I work with some social media accounts on IG, Buffer, FB and Yelp. <3
  9. CMG

    Where do you get your ideas from?

    Hi, guys! After getting my first conversion in a while I decided that I want to promote CPA offers until I make enough money to invest in something else. It would be ideal if I could promote offers without spending money, because I really don't have any to invest at the moment. So far, I made my...
  10. KG Shah

    Free Web Designing and Development Course

    Web Designing and Development Course 002 why html is exciting 003 first look at html 004 hands on create your first html file 005 russian stacking dolls bulleted lists 006 html document structure 007 first look at attributes linking pages together 008 section 1 review