1. BR0C0LLI

    Fix my .htaccess rewrite REGEX code (simple)

    After web migration and new URL architecture, I need to redirect old URLs because I am getting lot of 404. Old URL examples: domain.com/blog/vse-o-produktech/395-vybaveni-a-doplnky-pro-vasi-pergolu domain.com/blog/71-prave-realizujeme/464-kdo-nainstaloval-pergolu-dominiku-haskovi-jagr New URL...
  2. tazarbm

    How do I redirect with .htacess?

    Hi everyone! First of all, mods please move this thread to the right section if it doesn't belong in here. I couldn't find a .htaccess-specific thread, that's why I'm putting it in here. Now, I just purchased an expired domain and I want to redirect all of its unknown / meaningless URLs to the...
  3. samwarez

    URL rewriting

    I have a URL that looks like: sampleurl.com/5645654 How would I go about converting that URL to: sampleurl.com/5645654/post-title-here How do I go about making friendly URLs in PHP or .htaccess?
  4. thesyndicate

    Something wrong with my .htaccess

    I am trying to block all countries expect two. But now it blocks all of them # Redirect Redirect 301 / www.hello.com # RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{ENV:GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE} ^(TH|SE)$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.google.com$1 [L]
  5. M

    How does a search engine see my website? DNS, . htaccess and an IP address

    I have two websites but blackhat says Im new and cant tell you about them. One has no whois server and the other is invisible to search engines. Im trying not to blame the X-10 people, they are so reluctant to help.
  6. N

    How to select a single Country to access a Website and DENY all other Countries?

    How to select a single country to access a Website and DENY access from all other countries to completely block access from the rest of the world. ?
  7. F

    A better .htaccess redirection algorithm for image farming

    I'm sure you guys already noticed that the change in google's algorithm has made images completely useless. meaning that images now take to the image location on google rather than the page they are hosted on causing ad visits to go down. I know how to bypass that. and its two simple lines of...
  8. C

    Regarding .htaccess Redirection

    Hi, I'm newbie of web development. I want to redirect & access all domain1 sub folder files to domain2 with the help of .htaccess. For example, domain1/folder to domain2. My all files have only in domain1. If i enter domain2 in address bar, domain2 want to access domain1 all files, but domain1...
  9. M

    wp-login.php redirect to wrong url

    By mistake i have installed a php script in my root directory, where wordpress is available. After that my all permalinks has been change. After modifying .htaccess file and modified file permission by ftp now my site is almost ok. Now i can't log-in admin panel, when i am giving admin user name...
  10. beazt

    Instant $10 by Paypal - URL Re-writing/301 Redirect Error Help Needed

    Need a little help with URL redirection. Instant $10 by paypal to the first person who solves this for me A page of my website goes like this: www.domain.keyword2-keyword1.html Now, I want to rewrite it as follows: www.domain.keyword1-keyword2.html I did this by adding this code to my...
  11. M

    .HTACCESS and ROBOTS advice needed!

    Hello to all.:) To the point. I need advice . I have a root domain which is a wordpress blog. And have many subdomains DOT rootdomain also wordpress. I have affiliate banners, links and adsense. Recently my adsense page views and clicks dropped and regular traffic. My htaccess and robots...
  12. E

    Blank Referrer Showing

    I'm curious... My statistics is showing that all my traffic is showing up as a blank referrer. Im currently using the .htaccess 301 / redirect method. Question tho, even tho its not "saying" exactly where my visitors are coming from, will this flag my account and my AM will notice something is...
  13. jetiz

    [TUTORIAL] How to Watermark all Your Uploaded Images With a Simple Script

  14. kilaz

    How to Speed up your website & save bandwidth with a simple apache .htaccess change

  15. OgSneakyPimp

    How To make a multisite redirect???

    ok i have been redirecting my links using the .htaccess like this Example Redirect /Pimping-these-Hoes/ http://www.Pimpinainteasy.com?Affiliate idis there a way that i can have it so that 50% of the time it redirects to http://www.pimpin-aint-easy.com?affiliateidand the other 50% it...
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