how to get youtube views

  1. F

    Challenging Question For Youtube Pro!

    Hi. I have been experimenting quite a few techniques on Youtube about ranking Keywords and High Ranked Keywords etc. My channel is pretty old, but I am getting my channel alive nowadays by uploading regular contents. Here is my question, - I have figured it out how to get the Ranked Keywords...
  2. prinse

    Learn How to rank higher in Youtube search results 2014

    Pick relevant keywords Of course SEO is all about choosing strong keywords and optimizing the content for search engines. With 200 videos being uploaded every minute in YouTube, you do not want your video to be swept away in the deluge. So choosing the right keywords that don?t have much...
  3. stupiddumbass

    BlackHatGuide to #1 on Youtube

    So I was holding out for a long time and since tons of people have been doing some shady stuff on youtube and flagging accounts I am releasing the Blackhat youtube formula to getting number for these keywords I have been offered up to $500 bucks for this formula but I don't need any money...
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