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Learn How to rank higher in Youtube search results 2014

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by prinse, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. prinse

    prinse Power Member

    Feb 2, 2014
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    Behind You
    Pick relevant keywords

    Of course SEO is all about choosing strong keywords and optimizing the content for search engines. With 200 videos being uploaded every minute in YouTube, you do not want your video to be swept away in the deluge. So choosing the right keywords that don?t have much competition but are often searched by viewers can make a big difference to your ranking in search results. The more relevant the meta tags, the higher the chances of reaching your audience.
    Optimize your video title for relevant keywords

    Use your most important keyword right at the beginning of the title to give your video an SEO boost. It is also important that your title is convincing while being within the title character limit to tell people what they are about to watch. Longer titles distract attention and are also truncated in search results, while descriptive, to-the-point titles grab user?s attention. We suggest that a title with a more accurate description of your visual content encourages a higher click-through rate.
    Optimize the description

    A video description is as important as the video itself. This is where most people err, giving least priority to the description while focusing entirely on the video production. However, the fact is that a video sans description can struggle against competitors that identify their video with effective descriptive text. Remember, search engine bots can only view your text description while ranking your video. So weaving your targeted keywords into the description will improve your chances of climbing up YouTube?s search engine ranking pages.
    Customize thumbnail

    The first thing that comes up in search is the video thumbnail. So your thumbnail has to create that first impression and wow your audience. Create an attractive video thumbnail, with 1280 x 720 resolution, to outperform the auto-generated screenshot taken by YouTube from anywhere within the video.
    Create keyword-rich playlists

    A keyword-rich playlist makes your video look more informative to YouTube. After all, the more text-based content, the more the views. We suggest organizing your videos into playlists to get more YouTube traffic to them. Viewers can include the videos they like into their playlist, making your video appear popular to search engines and giving them a boost in rankings.
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    You could add a word "Learn" in the title and make the text color somewhat brighter.
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    Nov 18, 2014
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    think these based on own experience