1. mathman321

    Free Hotel Website Design & Hotel Social Media Management ( Building Portfolio )

    Hi , I have started an agency ( i am not sure if its ok to post the link here ) specializing in web design for hotels and also social management and google my business for hotels management. I want to build a small portfolio, so I will do 5 websites for free and also offer 6 months of service...
  2. nouveauriche

    How to get lots of free leads if you have a hotel/rent vacation houses (rental)

    If you have a hotel or rent vacation houses here's a trick you could use to make sure you get lots of free leads (meaning name + address) to whom you can send direct mail advertising your hotel/rental. You offer a postcard delivery service, meaning you give each visitor 5 free postcards and YOU...
  3. Bagmee

    Local SEO For Hotel Client

    Dear Folks! Need your help to rank my hotel website in the local snack pack of Google. I have optimized my website and added all the information to the google listing. The listing is having nearly 200 reviews with 4-star average rating. However, other hotels having fewer ratings and reviews...
  4. B

    I have a product, what now?

    I live at the coast and we get A LOT of tourists here who come for the beaches, so naturally there's also way too many hotels, BnB's, vacation homes, etc. Now I've been making some handpainted, wooden artworks/designs (about the size of a large painting) inspired by the sea/beach/etc, that would...
  5. blueclue123

    Trip advisor review will pay 5$ through paypal

    i am willing to buy Trip advisor review will pay 5$ through paypal System will be : 1- You post the review on provided hotel link on tripadvisor 2- Account should be atleast 2 level or above 3- Inform me by email or skyp kamrankhan123123 about posted review 4- i will verify you have posted...
  6. Edie Ficio

    Is it possible to rank a hotel portal?

    Hello. Im planing to make a hotel portal of an área of asia in order to earn booking affiliate commisions, but i dont know if it will rank because all the giants like booking, agoda, trivago, etc. What advice would you give me? Any articles i should read? Anything would be helpful. Thanks a lot!
  7. codobi

    Any ideas why ƿ.com may be need by Wynn hotel

    Any ideas why ƿ.com (ƿ is a wynn letter in old english alfabet) may be needed by Wynn Las Vegas hotel? All ideas including banal, simple, stupid, original, seo and crazy are welcome! My ideas: Wynn will be first and only one hotel with 1 letter com domain. Can make funny emails for marketing...
  8. D

    Need a freelancer for SEO/SEM (White hat). Small B&B in Malta, Europe

    Target Italy, Belgium, France, Poland, Germany. Prices and plan on PM please.
  9. S

    Which hotel & Travel affiliate programs are Legit and good

    Hey, I'm working on the travel site project where hotel booking main part inside.Which hotels booking sites are legit and pays best in affiliate commissions. Against - Per Lead - Per Booking etc Thanks
  10. jsmith00075

    Real estate partner (Hotel for sale)

    Hello, I'm looking for a partner to sell a Hotel in Europe. We are talking about a 5million euros worth of Hotel. I will provide full details through PM. Thank you!
  11. D

    Agoda Affiliate Review - Scam?

    Hi all, I tried searching for reviews/information on Agoda's affiliate program but couldn't find much info on here/anywhere else, or the info appears to be several years old. That being said, I hope that some of you with experience in this line may be able to advise. Basically, I joined...
  12. dbk03

    Google Places, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Angie's List Local Business Reviews

  13. dbk03

    Which is the most popular travel/ booking website (worldwide vs continet vs country)

    What I initially wrote was too complicated, so I decided to simplify it :D 1. If you want to read opinions about hotels, restaurants tours, what site do you go first? Tirpadvisor, Yelp etc. 2. If you want to book a hotel room, where do you go first?,, etc...
  14. T

    2013 best Dating and Hotel booking affiliate networks!

    Hi everyone! Please share your experience with me. What are best affiliate networks, 2013, niche: Dating and Hotel bookings?:confused: Most of my traffic comes from the US. And a I was just thinking... will casual dating advertisement do good on adult websites?:confused: Thank you for your...
  15. W

    Looking for a freelancer who could be interested to jump into hotel booking business

    Like the topic said, I need that person. If you have some website that provide leads for travelers, this could be it. We could make a lot of money together with that. Just PM me to discuss or s-k-y-p-e me at: dankevich.andrey P.S. Since I'm new here, I'm not allowed to reply to your PMs.
  16. N

    Why SEO not working with "Hotel" related keywords?

    My seo effort work well with another niche but not with hotel related keywords even with a longtail keyword ( a 5-word hotel name). When I checked the search results, I found that mostly they are subpages from those authority sites. I rarely found any small sites or affiliate sites. So, I start...
  17. stonecold316

    Please suggest me a Wordpress theme for Hotel Review Site

    Hi everyone. I have just found a great city on which I will make a Hotel Review Site. I searched a lot but didn't found a good enough theme for my Hotel Review Site. Does anyone knows a theme which is simlpistic and really good for Hotel Review ? I would appreciate any theme...
  18. sikandar

    Best US Hotel Affiiate Program?

    I am making some US city portals which I'd like to monetize using hotel and airlines affiliate programs. Can anybody suggest good hotel affiliate programs for US cities - which have a good selection of hotels, offer co-branded sites or features easy to integrate, are transparent in dealings...
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