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  1. CokeAndCake

    Ranking Homepage with seo?

    Okay, so I'm currently building a shop and I have the following problem: I want to rank for a keyword that has not too much searches but all the other shops ranking there are REAL shops with a PHYSICAL store. I think google trusts them a lot and most of them dont have any real seo in terms of...
  2. M

    how to Auto play Youtube video on facebook business page ( Home Page ) ?

    Is it possible to Auto Play Youtube video on facebook/facebook business page ( Home page ) and also increase viewers in Youtube channel ?
  3. Noah Hawryshko

    Configuring BHW Home Page to Show Particular Selected Sub-Forums

    Hi BHW, stupid question. I glanced over a thread during the first week of the site overhaul that talked about configuring the BHW home page to only show elected sub-forums. I haven't been able to find that thread, and have looked through the settings and can't figure out myself. Has anybody...
  4. J

    Is it better to target a broad keyword for home page?

    Lets say you found a fairly easy keyword to rank for e.g. "best dog training guides", is it better to make that a page on the site and target a more competitive keyword for the home page e.g. "dog training guides". I am wondering if this would be better since you can then rank for that more...
  5. sfidirectory

    [WTT] Free home-page link exchange with PR2 website

    Hi everyone, Am looking to do homepage link exchanges with website's homepages that have a PR of 2+ and less than 30 OBL's on the page. I am only interested in exchanging homepage links with websites in the following niche's: Web Design Web Development Search Engine Optimisation Computer...
  6. R

    How to set my blog as homepage in internet cafes??

    Dear All, I set my blog as home page in some internet cafes.. But the cafe owners are changing the home page.. can any one let me know the way that internet cafe owners unable to change the home page.. Is there any script... thanks, rajathe