1. X

    Adult tube web site hit

    hello everyone. I have an adult tube website. wordpress infrastructure and wp-script installed. I am using yoast seo plugin. I upload every video by editing it myself. I do seo for every video with yoast seo plugin. I work in normal daytime work. I work for this website from evening to night. My...
  2. S

    What Do you do when this happens?

    Many sites experienced this in October. Using SEMRUSH, I have noticed a significant drop in traffic for the majority of websites throughout that month. Is it possible to get the pages back?
  3. hercai

    Is there a program or website that sends hits to the website?

    Hello, is there a paid or free program / website where I can post hits to my sites? It is enough to help with Alexa reduction or just show up in Yandex Analystic and Google Analystic counters.
  4. V

    Get free 1k Tiktok views

    Get free 1k Tiktok views..... only for first 5 persons. Give me link and get views
  5. tommyboy34

    [WTH] Create Mturk Requester Account With VCC

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a Mturk Requester account with a VCC that I can load and pay for HIT's with.
  6. K

    AMP Adsense Relationship

    My site receives many visitors from mobile. The clicks come from 4/3 mobile. The opportunities tab appeared in AdSense. Your site says amp setup would be better. I saw it on the forum when I set up the amp AdSense earnings are falling. Is that accurate? Are there plugins for showing ads faster...
  7. SEOWorlock

    Another massive Google Update Hit Before 1 Hour

    I officially confirm that massive google update hit before 1 hour. The Hit is massive and according stats of Semrush its same as Panda and Penguin update. This is first time published here on BHW. Guys all who do SEO be prepared.A lot of businesses will be down in no time. Please follow all...
  8. Redrinth

    I can't find my HIT I made on Mturk

    I recently made a requester account and posted my first hit. The problem is that it's been 24 hours and I still can't find my hit on Mtuk. The status bar says "in progress" and has 0% submitted and 100% published so I assume that means my hit should be available for people to do now. What could...
  9. L

    My site, currently only source of income, suddenly gets 1/10th of traffic

    Hello, I have a site in dutch. For years I have been ranked very high (mostly 1st rank in google) on good quality keywords. I've been able to support my wife and 2 kids with it :) It allowed me to work on it and other ideas. It's a clean online business guide. I haven't done much SEO on it...
  10. S

    A question about Youtube views

    Hi everybody, I am sharing videos on youtube, but my videos don't get many views (or hits)... I am going to buy youtube views. How much youtube views should I buy? Which websites are recommended? I will thank you all if you help me... Thanks ;)
  11. B

    how to increase to unique visitor?

    yes.how to increase uv ? High HitS! ? i have little english. if i do a mistake,i'm sorry
  12. O

    Hi All !

    I'm new here. Want to share my script. But when I submit my nulled ALEXA RANK BOOSTER script, the following error has been occurred. "You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 15 posts or more." why? :(
  13. A

    Help with hits

    I need to generate hits to a project that i'm working on. Is there any easy way or program out these to build a bunch of hits to the site? It's not a affiliate site nor an advertising site so real hits aren't really needed. Can anyone help?
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