1. sovietmute

    Looking for Google Ad Runners

    Hi, I'm looking to hire a google ads runner for my client. They operate in a black niche and they have used ad runners in the past. You will be expected to accept payment in cryptocurrency and use your fiat payment methods to operate the google ads account. My client is willing to cover the...
  2. D

    Looking to hire web designer with animation skills

    95% of my copy is written and I have an existing site to go off of, looking to have a Lottie animation done for when the website is first loaded and things cleaned up. Site is for consulting, 3 page design, Landing Page, About Us, Contact. Would like it turned around in 5-7 days.
  3. K

    Seeking Cloaker/Campaign Manager for Gambling/Casino Google Ads

    Hello! I am going to be straight and honest here to avoid confusion and/or any unnecessary questions and discussions around the main fact. I am as of a couple of months back looking for a partnership with a cloaker(note that I do not state experienced or non-experienced) that feels up to the...
  4. Degen

    Hiring VA for social media

    Attention Social Media Mavericks! Join us as a Freelance VA and take charge of our Social Media Empire! Are you a social media aficionado with a flair for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram? Communicate seamlessly with our team using Discord! ️ No need for data analysis! Just use basic...
  5. intracon

    Legit traffic/leads buying

    Hey, looking for a legit freelancer/service who is able to provide high-quality traffic for direct links and websites that will convert into actual leads as soon as possible or leads by themselves. Niches: jobs, dating. Low entry cost is a must, as I have to test your services firstly. Free...
  6. B

    (HIRING) Python Developer With Experience In OpenAI + Langchain + Vector Databases

    This is a job for someone who is ACTUALLY capable of understanding my requirements. The project: An 'infinite memory' chatbot that uses GPT-4 API(I do have access to it). The bot should be able to: 1. Remember past conversations 2. If I feed it code, it should be able to remember it properly...
  7. TopGDrainers

    pay very high for traffic... need ads/promotes/spam/spread (URGENT)

    hey we will pay very good for crypto ads/traffic many many projects to promote.. fast money every day! bring me also your ideas to promote... also new ways will accepted tg @cvv2crd or sent me pm on BHW here...
  8. S

    Easy to get accepted with job offers affiliate programs?

    Can you recommend me some affiliate programs that are easy to get accepted(without the need for an interview, call, etc) and have hiring or job offers?
  9. B

    HIRING -> Python Developer

    Hiring Python Developer! I have a project(idea) that I do not wish to discuss in public, of course it does require you to be very skilled in Python. That's basically it. You can contact me on skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/BprWWF2PYp03 Or telegram: https://t.me/luci982
  10. P

    Hiring Forex and Crypto Ads specialist in cloaking, google ads and facebook

    We are loooking for a talented individual who can manage our Forex and Crypto advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook using cloaking methods. The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years of experience in running successful advertising campaigns in these industries, with a proven track...
  11. H

    Now Hiring Expirenced Chatter for a big OF agency needed

    Job Title: Chatter for OF Agency We are seeking an experienced and skilled chatter for my Onlyfans Agency and interact with fans. has to have a strong understanding of how to effectively communicate with fans and sell content, as well as the ability to build and maintain relationships with...
  12. J

    Looking for content creator and video editor that can do voice over

    Hello, looking for someone that could do similar content (desktop recording, editing, voice-over): https://www.tiktok.com/@lunaralgo/video/7198678641474014510?lang=en I own a similar indicator/tool Requirements: Preferably 5-7 videos weekly (minimum 3 videos weekly) Video rotation: crypto...
  13. uhq

    [HIRING] ⭐ Looking for BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS :) (Plutus, Solidity, EVM, Milkomeda...) (Cardano, Polygon, Ethereum) ⭐

    Hello everybody, First of all, thanks for reading this and for being here today. This is a big community and I really like how things work here on BHW. Today i'm announcing a JOB POSITION for Blockchain Developer. We are hiring! We are only looking for long-term developers who really believe...
  14. RatSeaExclusive

    How do you hire people?

    I'm scared of hiring people but I really need them to do work for me. How can I hire people without feeling overwhelmed?
  15. N

    Hiring 1-2 People

    Need around 1 to 2 people, potentially more. 1) Need to be able to speak very good English, so I can communicate exactly what I need. 2)The job it self is very easy (mostly automated) but requires an eye to be kept on it, so if you are someone whos on there pc for 8+ hours a day you are my...
  16. Indeusea

    Looking for Email copywriter

    Hi yall! I'm Indeusea, the part-time Instagram growth agency owner and full-time hustler. Today I'm looking for an email copywriter. We already have 4-5 emails which we are sending for our marketing campaign but we need more, better emails. What/Who we are looking for: - Out of box thinker...
  17. sgsgsg2323


    Greetings, We are an agency, looking for 1. Detailed SEO Audit, 2. SEO Strategy 3. SEO expert who will take care of all our SEO needs. (We can produce blogs but freelancers should review them) Budget: Please make an offer by yourself for freelancing. If the report is detailed and we see you...
  18. sgsgsg2323

    Hiring - We need affiliates through Youtube

    The headline says it all. We need to acquire new affiliates. Our preference is Youtube but if you know or have ways let us know, we are open to offers. We are an agency, offering 30% unlimited recurring revenue. Please only get in touch if you are already experienced.
  19. gogaka

    HIRING: SEO for Instagram agency

    Hi, I'm looking for person who will take care of our SEO from A to Z. You will be responsible for managing all SEO activities such as content strategy, link building and keyword strategy to increase rankings on all major search networks. - We are hosted on Webflow. - We have few backlinks...
  20. Huncho

    Looking For PHP (Laravel) CSS JS Developer

    Hello BHW, I am Looking for a developer who will sort out a couple of landing pages with the backend platform for crypto ICO. - Would be nice if you have experience with crypto. - Design and graphics will be provided. - Content will be provided. - Only Jr.VIP Members - Paying with crypto - I...
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