hire a writer

  1. C

    Where can I hire good writers for my blog?

    I hired content writers from 17 different websites, and most of them were scammers. I've been wanting to publish more web content on my site, so I can earn more income. I decided to hire a writer to help. It turns out that there are tons of places to hire writers online: Freelance marketplaces...
  2. Alma

    [HIRING] Looking for a writer to write about a university

    Hello, Looking for english writer to write about a university (vse.cz/english/) for a website that will be a "fan" informational website. Please PM me and let me know what topics you would write about (unsure about this, since a lot of info is already available on the official website), the...
  3. Anish94

    SpiritWish Hire A Writer: Get the Luxury of an In-House Content Writer Without Burning $$$

    WHAT IS SPIRITWISH HIRE A WRITER PROGRAM? Having built over 50 sites and ranked 80% of them, we speak from experience when we say that the biggest challenge that we faced was creating useful, interesting and conversion driven content consistently. There are hundreds of content writing services...
  4. ContentWriter

    5 Things to Check When Hiring Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency News Writers

    Recently, I've noticed an increase in HAF posts looking for cryptocurrency writers (SEO articles, rewrites, or news articles). Sometimes, BHW members are having a hard time deciding who they should hire. So I've decided to write a "neutral and informative post" that can help you filter your list...
  5. Kashif Raza

    German Writers Needed

    Hi, The Query is pretty clear. I need few writers for Writing German content for me. If you had previous experience in German language or a native German kindly Apply. Thanks
  6. ContentWriter

    Is this how you get your content written?

    When you hire a writer, do you just send your keywords and you let him or her write anything related to your keywords (the carefree-type) or you prefer to send your outline (the meticulous-type)? PS: Your comments will put substance to the article I'm writing at the moment. Thank you for your...
  7. ContentWriter

    What is your # 1 struggle in maintaining an updated content for your website?

    Hi, fellow BHW members! I'd like to write and publish an engaging article that tackles the x number of problems that you face with when it comes to maintaining an up-to-date content for your website(s). I have an idea of the common challenges, such as hiring a reliable writer who knows what he...
  8. puneetas3

    [WTH] Urgently Needs an Italian and a French Writer

    I am in need of an Italian and a French writer urgently, to write some articles in Italian and French (obviously). Need to start right away. Special requirement: Should be able to write 500 words article on a given keyword and then write 1 sentence variation of each sentence manually, without...
  9. puneetas3

    [Hire] Need a Rockstar Article Writer for permanent hire

    Hi, I am looking for a full time independent writer (no company please) to work for me. The article/blog posts/content topics will range in social media, internet, Website development, SEO, technology, etc. These needs to be of real high quality and should provide value to the reader...
  10. jagreen78

    Need ONE press release written

    I need this done by Monday morning EST send me your prices to do this ONE, if you do a good job then more may come.
  11. J

    Excellent article writer needed

    Hi everybody! I need an excellent article writer. You should use adult-related topic and enough interesting to be then be qualified for digg front page. At this moment I want 1 excellent article for digg and 4 more full text articles (~500 words) with given keywords for our website...
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