5 Things to Check When Hiring Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency News Writers


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May 8, 2013
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Recently, I've noticed an increase in HAF posts looking for cryptocurrency writers (SEO articles, rewrites, or news articles). Sometimes, BHW members are having a hard time deciding who they should hire. So I've decided to write a "neutral and informative post" that can help you filter your list of writers.

Cryptocurrency trading is on the rise. Have you been blogging about bitcoin? Are crypto articles one of your most viewed articles on your news Google News-approved website?

If your answer is affirmative, chances are you need help with writing and publishing bitcoin news and other cryptocurrency-related articles on a daily basis.

Publishing a job post on job boards or online marketplaces is not your concern. The challenge is in filtering the applicants. In this article, we will tell you 5 things you need to check before you hire a cryptocurrency SEO writer or a bitcoin news article writer.

Customer Service

Hire a bitcoin or cryptocurrency writer from a content provider who has a top-notch customer service. Is it easy to reach out to the customer service team who takes inquiries and processes orders? Do they respond fast via emails? Do they have friendly customer service representatives?

You need to consider all these because time is of the essence. If the customer service team of your content provider is slower than dial-up, you need to consider looking for another content provider.

Remember, you need news-worthy bitcoin articles. If your content provider replies after 24 hours, you’re at the mercy of their speed (or slowness) of their customer service team.


Does the bitcoin or crypto writer have the experience writing about cryptocurrency? Ask for the writer’s published articles on the subject matter. Know, however, that there are writers who cannot use their previous work in their marketing due to a non-disclosure agreement between them and their clients.


You can hire an experienced SEO or News Writer for only $3.00 per 100 words. Bitcoin news articles can be written in 350 to 400 words. SEO articles about cryptocurrency can range from 500 to 2,500 words or even higher. The higher the word count, the better it is in the eyes of Google. Of course, it’s not about writing nonsense words for the sake of satisfying Google in terms of word count. Write with substance.

Prompt Delivery

You are hiring a bitcoin or cryptocurrency writer because you want to be one of the first publishers of trending news on bitcoin. It goes without saying that your crypto writer must be on top of the deadline. Communicate to your writer the schedule of posting most especially if there’s a time difference between you and your writer. Clarify if you need your cryptocurrency writer to write on holidays and weekends so he can prepare beforehand.

Free Posting

Does your writer offer free posting on your content management system such as WordPress?

I hope this short guide helps. Feel free to comment below if you have questions.